After a panic/anxiety attack

I had a really bad panic attack today, I went to watch the rugby which was at a stadium with over 80,000 people. Since ice had this "anxiety" I haven't socialised much. And it got my heart racing so much. My legs felt weak. I felt like I was going to pass out, my ears starting ringing and my chest just felt like it was going to burst it was so tight! This was about 8hours ago... But my chest still feels really awfully tight and short for breath. Can you get after effects from attacks?


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  • Hi, I believe you can, mine have felt this way for a long time after, probably through being so tense and focused on it x

  • Yes definitely my doctor said that having a panic attack is like doing vigorous exercise or running a marathon.

  • Yes! I have had severe panic attacks that have left me feeling certain things for days.

  • Thankyou xx

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