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Nervous, Anxious, and Loss of Appetite

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I am in constant worry of having to eat which makes me anxious which makes me feel nervous when I have to eat, which then makes hard to eat anything and I begin were I started with not eating anything. I know this is bad for me, but it has start to get hard to sit down and eat.

I don't crave anything and every food I think about is not appealing. I can't even sit still to eat I have to take a little wake before I have another bit.

Has anyone else struggled with this?

I also like being alone in a room with someone else in another part of the house, I don't know why but it comforts me then having someone in the room with me.

I've also felt like when I have to eat or am eating I kind of nauseous but not really, I don't know. I guess I get panic.

I want to hear from you guys, what do you do to help yourself

Any advice or suggestions would be great

thank you guys

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Hello, I'm sorry you are having a rough time! It seems like your anxiety is very high for some reason....what have you been doing to get so anxious....try some breathing techniques...I hope you feel better soon!!

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I don't know either, to be honest I don't know what causes me to get so anxious. There is no clear trigger, I don't know if it's emotions I went through from this past Sunday that I was given a dog, but it's been days know. I have GAD which I want to guess makes normal everyday tasks hard for no reason.

Thank you I am wishing you the best

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Joimom16 in reply to nmp1

It could be, I have GAD too, it's awful...ughhhh! It will get better over time!!! Until we will keep trying different things to see what works!! Lol

Its just frustrating going a while were you feel good and then you're set back, but like you said we will keep trying

Thank you once again

As you know, if we don't eat we sicken and die. So you have to eat, nmp1, despite your aversion to eating. We all have to do things we don't like and your's is eating. So just make yourself eat little bits of nutritious food at a time and wash it down with plain water. Make yourself do it, the consequences of not doing it are too great. I would think it important to take a good multi vitamin tablet every day too.

So where did this aversion to food come from? Were you forced to eat foods you didn't like as a child? I think you should ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist in eating disorder who will help you overcome the aversion. It's that important.

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