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Well I go see my new counselor today ugg I feel sick hope this one is different an can help I get so tired of this been anxious for days an can't figure out why! I've been trying to perk myself up as you can tell by my post !!! Nurse practitioner said she would put me in hospital but knows they will force me to take meds an that would make condition worse because I have med phobia what a pickle I'm in so she suggested this counselor sorry for going on have a blessed day xxxx

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ohhh mimim :( i hope you will be ok soon, you know sometimes i do have very anxious days and it depends if it is PMS symptoms as with anxiety i get them every 2 weeks, sometimes if you did get upset about something you feel more anxious, like last night i was upset and i felt sick when i was eating and very very anxious, at least i knew why!! now on my way to lunch i had like palps or not sure someting pushing up to my chest that left me drained, still i had to go and put a smile on my face!!!

i hope it will turn up ok

love and God bless



Awh I hope you feel better I know it will get better just some days you just can't see the clods clearing but this too shall pass God bless xxx


Sorry mim to be a little facetious but the 'CLODS' clearing? Boy, there are some of those about among non suffers and as far as I am concerned they can all 'clear'. I do hope your meeting went OK and that your counsellor can persuade you to look at some treatment. Don't reply to this if you don't want to but what has caused this drug phobia? Not being able to prescribe drugs does rather put the medical helpers at a disadvantage. They are trying to treat you with one hand tied behind their back. I fully understand how you feel about drugs but I am sure most on this site have had a good deal of help from them.

I know I did. Yes, mim, it will pass, given time. You are bearing up very well although you probably do not think so. Take heart and try and talk this out with your councillor or some other competent person. Kind regards. jonathan.


Haven't went yet to see counselor an yes I understand with doctors but can't help it have had phobia since a child was allergic to a med an they still forced me to take it phobia wasn't as bad until got older seems to have gotten worse I had a very rough childhood had a great mother but father not so much but made mends in his later years I had to take care if mother who had pancreatic cancer I was only one with her when she passed plus I was raped in the basement if a church at age of 7 not ashamed to talk about it was not my fault just alot of traumatic things went on at such a young age so when there is alot of stress in my life which at the moment there is just my nephew in industrial accident and our youngest daughter lost her home due to a fire they said a half hour longer she would have not made it not telling these things for pity just life but one thing for sure I Love My Heavenly Father an I know this will pass once again xxxx


you broke my heart, loads of nasty things happened to me, not that extent and i can relate to you, oh my love you are very strong and sweet!!!

what kind of horribel world we are living in, with monsters walking between us!!

love you loads and big big hug

rouri xxxx


Love you but in ways it makes us stronger mini xxx


Hi Mini, just a line to wish you all the best for your meeting today! You have melted my heart with your story and I am beside you. Love and Hugs x Ella x


Ty so much bless you xxxx


My love and compassion goes out to you for your terrible traumas, but your trust in god may get you through this........what would he want you to do....of course; get better. And if he put people on earth (like doctors) to help mankind then I would just hand over the responsibility to God.....go to the doctor, explain about your phobia and ask God to help you to overcome this.........who knows what the future holds..xxxxxxxxxxxx miracles do happen...God Bless


Ty God blessxxxxxxx


Hi Mimi,

I hope all went/ goes well with your new counsellor. It's so nervewracking meeting someone new when you're in this state. I hope and pray that you have now got the right person and are able to move forward towards health with their support.

Please think about Stde's words too, she is right.

Lots of Love,



Ty I will things went very well today xxxxx


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