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What if I lose my mind??

I'm so stressed out with just the severe anxiety alone I can't function, but now really stressful external things are happening too and I'm starting to feel more anxious than I thought possible. And my derealisation is only getting worse. I'm afraid all of the stress is going to make me go crazy, like develop schizophrenia or something. Can this much stress kill you? I have so so so so so much to worry about on top of my mental health. My grandfather is sick, I am deep in debt from college but I'm too sick to work, I owe the ER money, I'll probably have to move out soon which seems impossible. My relationship with my boyfriend of almost five years is awful because of me. I don't have many friends. I feel like my brain can't handle all of this and it'll just shut down or something. I'm only twenty! Please help I don't know what to do :( 

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You are so young I really felt for you as I read your post but please let me reassure you that you won't loose your mind it does feel like it though at times but I have never come across this happening or death with someone suffering with anxiety and you will not be the exception :-)

When we have so many things going of all at once it can feel like we are drowning and desperately trying to get back to the surface put every time we try it feels like we are been pushed under again  

Your problems 

Make a list of them 

Prioritize them in order the most important to the least important , at the moment they are all doing 100  miles an hour in your head and you need to put the brakes on and doing a list like this can help 

Not sure how things work in America as I am in the UK but there must be someone with your debts you can talk to that you could explain your situation and offer to pay even a small amount till you are able to work ?

This would be what we could do in the UK and I apologize if this suggestion does not apply where you are 

Have you family or friends that can help you out , do not be ashamed to ask for help we all need it sometimes and you are young and we need even more support and guidance the younger we are or otherwise how can we learn ?

Could you speak to your Boyfriend , maybe you have already but f not tell him how hard you are finding things and rather than him getting fed up with you you could really do with his support 

If you could talk to your parents and you have a good relationship with them when I was your age that is who I would go to with the financial and housing difficulties you have 

Things will sort out just take one thing at a time and don't feel you have to solve them all at once this will help you feel less anxious to :-)

Take Care x    


Thank you so much for the answer Bounce, this must've taken some time. :) This is all so helpful and it made me feel a lot better. I really like the idea of lists, because sometimes my thoughts are racing so much I can't keep track of what I need to do. Again thank you! <3



It's a pleasure and give it ago when we see it written down it can put it more in perspective :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)


I know exactly how you feel. I have been through it, and still find it hard to get my life back on track again. My relationship of almost 6 years is falling apart little by little. I get all these physical symptoms that he doesn't get. I have an unstable financial situation even though my new job is making me feel a bit better now..

I have been sedentary for more than 5 years working every day on the computer for 10 hours straight. I don't have many friends, and the few that I have aren't always there for me because they don't know the degree to which I'm suffering, they are pretty busy and besides they wouldn't understand. They are the types of people who are always healthy and talking to them about my problems wouldn't be of help.

I don't have a good relationship with my mother. I never had a father, pretty much been always on my own - suffering deep within :)

Someone here on the forum told me that there might happen instances in life when you can be at your lowest point in life, but once it passes, you will learn your way to happiness!

What you can do now is give yourself self-care and self-love. If it feels like there's nothing else that could help you, trust me, giving yourself love will do wonders for you over time! Take it slowly.. recovery is a process that can be very lengthy! But it's this process that is very important..

Love your body for it to love you back!

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Thank you! I hope that you can feel better too and that your relationship ends up alright.


Thank you.. Everything will eventually end up alright :) 


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