I feel like I'm losing my mind

I can't think straight, my mind is racing I'm having strange thoughts about things I have no control over. I can't stop thinking about the past. I'm just in a constant state of panic. It's happened all of a sudden. I couldn't sleep last night due to my mind racing and every time I drifted off I felt panicky. I made some excuse that I couldn't go into work as I don't feel fit to be working with the public today(I'm a hairdresser) I really don't know what to do my boyfriends trying to understand but I just have a fear that I'm pushing him away. I don't feel like myself I feel like something awful is going to happen. My memory's become bad I cant decipher between what's a dream and what's reality. I really don't know what to do. Helpppp I'm so scared


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  • It sounds like Depersonalization/Derealization which is one of the scariest anxiety symptoms. May I ask if you have been thru anything traumatic or perhaps do you smoke weed?

  • So strange you ask that, I did last night as I couldn't drift off my boyfriend suggested smoking to see if it would relax me. I'm wondering if it was that. I didn't have much at all. And I have calmed down since this morning. But something just didn't seem right yesterday even before I smoked anything. Just felt so out of it this morning and my concentration is awful. Now I'm feeling guilty for taking the day off! I have been through something quite traumatic a few years ago and maybe I just haven't quite gotten over that. It just seems like I can wake up one day feeling out of it and just generally not myself it's so hard to understand

  • Okay, if you have been thru something traumatic before and have some form of anxiety, you can develope DP/DR. It's your brains way of protecting you from reality. So you won't have to deal with more stress. It then creates a fake reality to take your mind off what's real. In turn creating its own anxiety because this symptom is so scary. Weed can also trigger DP/DR and/or make it worse. I got it from smoking weed almost 3 months ago and have started to recover about 2 weeks ago when I started taking Magnesium. I also YouTubed people with it and that also helped me a lot. People recover 100% so don't worry at all. You're going to be fine. Just understand that it is only anxiety and nothing at all more. Even with the feeling of impending doom, that's also from anxiety. I have the same symptoms. It's all anxiety and nothing more.

  • It's so so scary. I couldn't focus at all last night on anything. Then this morning I just felt like someone else it was so strange. Thank you for replying though you've explained that well and put me at ease!

  • Yeah I understand believe me and you're welcome. You should go on YouTube and search "I have Derealization" there's a boy named Christian Heterra or something like that, go to his channels. It's only a few video. His really helped me a lot before I started taking my vitamins

  • What vitamins do you take? I recently found I was low on vitamin d and have been prescribed things and I suppose that has been helping. But I'm interested to know what else I could try. I'm too anxious for medication I've tried it before and it just makes me worse so it's be good to know what people take!

  • I take Magnesium. It's practically a cure for anxiety. Has been for me and numerous others. YouTube or google it so you can see for yourself before you try!! Magnesium Citrate!

  • its OK. I'm going through something really similar right now. What helps (though the bad feelings may not go away) is reminding yourself that this is real and that life is strange and confusing but you have to keep living. If you question and let your mind go you're going to suffer more, and your mind will wander further. i know exactly how you feel. its unexplainable and it feels like theres nothing you can do. try vigorous exercise or attend a group with people who are experiencing the same feelings. Everyone has these feelings at some point. you can get through this.

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