Sickness phobia

So I have the biggest sickness phobia ever it stops me from doing so many things as I'm scared people around me will be sick. My boyfriend spent time with his mum for about 45 minutes last night then came to my house where he stayed over, during the night that night his mum had stomach pains and this morning she was still feeling unwell, my boyfriend went to his house for about an hour but didn't see his mum much as she tried to stay away, then his dad dropped him off at my house where he spoke to us for about ten minutes. I've spent the day and the rest of tonight with my boyfriend and I just found out that this afternoon his mum was sick in the car (my boyfriend wasn't present) so my boyfriend hasn't been with her since she threw up and I haven't seen her in two days but I'm so worried that I'll get the bug or he'll get it and pass it onto me! Please someone advise me what to do as I'm freaking out! Do you think it's likely that my boyfriend or I may get the bug?? 


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  • Him I use to suffer with this fear of being sick, ino how u feel, but no if your boyfriend hasn't seen his mum since she was sick then u won't get it, it's a horrible feeling that ur feeling it use to stop me being able to eat in fear that I would be sick if I heard of someone that had been sick, but it will get better I still avoid people that have been sick for at least a week but it doesn't affect me as much any more, u will get there chin up

  • Thank you so much! Yeah my phobia stops me going on buses sometimes and everything because I get so worried, it's horrible x

  • I'm exactly that same, I use to try and hold my breath when walking past people 😷 Sounds crazy but I did lol, it's horrible I feel for u x

  • I'm sure you will be fine.  Sickness can be caused for a number of different reasons, the sickness she experienced may not be due to a bug.  My heart goes out to you as I spent a few years anxious about being sick to a point where I felt physically sick most days and would avoid anyone who had been sick or knew anyone who had been sick... Hypnotherapy helped me and also making sure I got good quality sleep, even now, 2 years later if I feel nauseous I take myself off to bed and tell myself I will be fine when I wake up.  Good luck in getting over this fear, I know how dreadful it is and what an negative effect it can have on everyday life. Take care

  • Hi  I can suggest washing your hands often as this is where you can pick it up.  There is a slight possibility however if nothing happens by  tomorrow I think your safe.  Be well and try not to worry.  Bye bye

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