I am always worrying about my health and feeling desperate

Since last 8 months, everyday I have palpitations, fatigue , dizziness and feeling I will gonna faint. :( I am not happy at all. I think I am now alone and can't join to any party and social celebrations and being away from everyone. I always think I am not ok and I am going to die. I can't do any work and I want to escape from my environment. Plz advice me how should I live . Thanks


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7 Replies

  • Hi, im like that right now, im in a hot bath trying to reduce my blood pressure as was having major chills before and lots chest pain which i hope is due to indigestion, but i keep thinking the worst. Palpataions are utterly hirrible so i know how u feel 😂

  • Thanks for ur reply, I wanna tell about my feeling to someone who can understand me. It's make me better.i feel I am not lonely. Hope our conditions are better quickly. Thank u again

  • i hope you feel better too, look up 'medical medium vagus nerve', read it through, its actually very interesting and explains palpitations, its not as bad as we think it is even thought the scares the hell out of me

  • Really thanks u for ur advice. I will read it and I am looking forward ur good news!!! :)

  • I am feeling the same. I have been getting heart palpitations for about 2 years now. Getting worst and worst. I've gone to the emergency a few times, done a bunch of tests and the cardiologist said I have something called bigeminy which means my heart skips every 2 beats. He said it is nothing serious. He said everyone gets them but some people feel them more than others. He suggested beta blockers but I refused as I'm already taking medications for hypertension and thyroid. I'm having trouble sleeping. I would wake up every few hours with a strange feeling. My husband thinks it is anxiety and overthinking too much about my health. However, this issue has made a big impact in my life. I'm scared to go anywhere now as I don't know when these palpitations will act up. I too feel like I'm about to faint sometimes. It is quite scary. I guess the only help is to talk it out with your friends and family. Oh and I'm going through perimenopause too so my hormones are all over the place. I'm 47. Sucks getting old. LOL. Hope we will all feel better soon.

  • Hi Suyee,

    I have just replied to someone else about this.

    I have recently discovered, that when I get these feelings I seem to be holding my breath, when I am concentrating or just generally. I googled it and it seemed to make sense...it's like my heart has to skip a bit to reminding me to breath and the lack of oxygen is making me dizzy.

    I am naturally a shallow breather, so I am trying my hardest to breathe slowly and calmly, not got there yet....

    Hope this helps a bit xx

  • Hi Funkyfaerie

    Thanks for ur words. It reminds me what I have missed. U are right. It's a normal body mechanism. But I am a worried person. So I always thought negative ones. It makes my worries more stronger. From ur words, I will reduce my habit (worry habit) and stay clam. Thanks u so much.

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