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Feeling light headed all day


Everyday I feel light headed, and I sometimes feel I'm gonna pass out or stop breathing, I stopped my propanalol to see if it was them soon it but I still feel the same is it all part of anxiety??? I know I'm here but always in a world of my own does anyone else feel like this, on doing really well but I'm tired everyday and get head aches no stop, my mind is working over time and I'm trying to relaxed but its hard, any advice will be greatful xx

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Hi Claire

Nice to see you posting :-)

I know you say you stopped your meds to see if it would make a difference but depending how long you have been taking them it is always wise if you want to stop them to do it with your GP advise as sometimes your anxiety & other symptoms may get worse if you stop them to abruptly

You have been checked out I think I have read & physically there is nothing wrong & if so then yes anxiety can give you headaches & make you feel you are going to pass out but I doubt that you will , I never have even though I have felt all these things & still can do

When you feel like this try & sit down & tell yourself it is anxiety & will pass again

Also make sure you are eating as that can contribute to headaches & dizziness & when it is warm plenty of water as that can contribute to the headaches

Lovely to see you & hope everything else is sorted out :-)




Claire1981 in reply to Hidden

Hi why why I've been on em since August last year, and I don't eat much let alone drink much so I'm gonna try it as from now, and I'm gonna have a word with my doctor too, cos its not nice feeling like this all day long, but my head pressure as gone now maybe cos my son is home and I'm not alone

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Hi Claire

Yes I think that was a misunderstanding , I know you have been on here for quite a few months I meant it was nice to see you posting as you have been quite for a while even though of course it is not nice to see that you are suffering at the moment

Oh dear not eating really will be adding to how you feel , try even if it is small amounts to make a conscious effort to eat 3 times a day I am sure it will help :-)

Take Care


Hello, sorry you're feeling this way it's such an awful feeling. I myself have been feeling this way. Like I can't concentrate & feel like my mind can't focus & I'll get dizzy like my mind is going crazy:( & I worry all day everyday & think I'm gonna pass out & I get so scared cause I have a 5 yr old son.. I feel like I'm wasting time worrying but I can't stop myself. Hope you're feeling better! Take care

Yes, anxiety can make you feel light headed 24/7 and lack of air as well. I been like this for 3 months and still no permanent fix. Alprozalam 0.5 did take away the light headed and heavy breathing but will only last 4 hours. Doctor changed to Lopazapam 1MG 4 times daily but it was making me feel so drowsy that I had to lower the amount to 0.5mg 3 times daily which helps a little but still light headed. I also have Chronic sinus which makes this very unpleasant but the Doctors threats this like is all anxiety and the only fact in my case is that my sinus makes me feel like I need air, which makes my anxiety go up. Now, my doctors told me that I'm breathing to hard which is making me light headed 24/7. I'm taking biofeedback and they told me to take deep breaths every 2 hours which I started yesterday. She mention this patient that was taking xanax for 13 years ( high dose) and no longer needs to take the pill thanks to the deep breathing exercise. Based on the opinion of 3-4 of my doctors biofeedback works on half of the patients. And yes, I feel like I'm on a world of my own as well and extremely tired but no headaches. Well, at least not frequent headaches.

Hi my name Is Jessica im scared I wake up feeling light headed I feel nauseous I feel like i have something stuck in my head that's making me feel off balance it's hard for me to sleep cause my heart starts beating fast sometime I just be sitting down I'll feel a lot of pressure in my head than I get scared cause I feel like I'm going to pass out I haven't had a cat scan or went to cardiologist because they told me at the hospital my blood work was fine so I probably have anxiety but I am so scared I'm dying or something

I also was just diagnosed with anxiety so that's what they tell me. I still feel as I am having serious problems with my body are something is happening to me this is every day. I have been light headed and headaches for over a month day in an day out. I just don't know how to handle this.

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