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I get panic and anxeity attacks a lot but I have been feeling great for about a month all of a sudden it's started again about a week ago panic stacks again and I'm always out of breath getting chest pain and feeling like I'm going to pass out is anyone else like this where they are always out of breath and feel like their heart is feeling funny or do you think something is wrong with me as I have seen my doctor blood tests were fine! It's just getting way out of hand and I just feel something bad is going to happen to me 

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Ive had this feeling of impending doom but trust me when i say nothing will happen to you...remember anxiety makes you over analyze any little thing... just breath!! Take it from someone that thought she had everything in the book but tests and results all came back clear lol


Thanks I just feel worse this time than any other time I try to do my breathing exercise but it doesn't help me at all the only good thing is when I go to bed I can sleep but when I wake up I think or it's happening all over again today as soon as I wake up I did it hard to catch my breath and that is all day is this possible for anxiety? 


Yes extremly possible just the thought of anxiety and having to face another day makes it hard for us... But we have to continue on this path and become the best that we can be.... Just distract your self do things you like..talk to a friend it really helps... Anxiety is only big if we make it big im learning that trust me.... But we will all be ok! try to wake up in the morning thinking what a beuatiful day it is and plan out your day... Be excited for something any little thing even if its just eating chinese food and ice cream later in the day lol in no time this will all be a thing of the past and we will handle anxiety as if it were no big deal

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Yesterday was a great day for me....felt just like my normal self all day and evening.  This morning I woke up with the inside shaky feeling and a very depressed feeling.   Trying to fight off an attack.  Doing breathing not much help yet.  Did take meds too although they do not always help.


Yes I get this a lot, some days worse than others, but I always have some sort of symptom and worries on a daily basis. I agree with the above, keep yourself occupied and try and look forward to whatever your doing. Here if you need to talk x


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