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Not a great day :-(

I went to the doctors today as I've not been eating well because I feel like I'm swallowing onto something in my throat, and after a few mouthfuls my throat feels full but my tummy not so much. And I have this uncomfortable feeling in my tummy on the right. Not really painful just uncomfortable. It's annoying me and sends me into panic mode.

The doctor is sending me for endoscopy. Scared!

I mentioned about my anxiety and she's told me to ring this company that deals with anxiety and panic which offers cbt.

It's such an annoying feeling worrying about things all the time, I'm constantly worrying about something being wrong with me and I'm going to faint or worse so get all anxious which then makes me feel like I'm actually going to faint, vicious circle. Does anyone else feel like every twinge in their body is something really bad and have any tips to deal with this?

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I have had one of those done

Try not to worry , it doesnt mean they think there is anything wrong , but if we complain about something , they have to be seen to get it checked

Mine was fine & I am sure yours will be , after I had it done they said it was all down to anxiety , its amazing what anxiety can make us feel

I had mine done awake , now they do offer a mild sedative , which just makes you half & half , if I were to have to have another one done I would have the sedative , it doesnt hurt , without , but a bit un comfortable , so have the sedative , will help you relax

I would also phone the number , because counselling would be great to help you with you anxiety

Keep coming on here & talking





Thanks why why. I'm trying not to think about it until I get the date, but hate the feeling in my throat.

I'm going to ring the number tomorrow. See what they can help with.

I've been having a read of some of the posts and noticed you have health anxiety, I think that's what I have because I worry about every little feeling in my body is something bad and can't just ignore it, and I worry about something being wrong with everyone else I know or something's going to happen to them.


I am having the same feeling in my throat and i am also thinking is something serious. My endoscopy is taking place today in 2hours and I am afraid the doctors telling me is something serious. I hope yours go well and I also think anxiety worsens the situation.


Hi, can you eat certain things? I have a fear of choking, which is raising its head at the moment. I can eat chocolate and basically anything sweet and be fine, give me anything savoury and I think this is going to kill me! I know it's all down to anxiety but I cannot stop it. I know it will go away eventually because it has done before.

I've been through cbt for the choking and it worked really well.

So do ring about the cbt and take it easy xxxxx


Hi Winter,

I can eat soup and yoghurt, cuz they are just runny and actually earlier I had some biscuits and chocolate and that went down fine. I'm going to have some potato soon so we'll see how that goes.

Yeah I have that fear of choking too, like things being lodged in my throat. When I first had it it really freaked me out, it's a new anxiety from what I' m used to thought I was going crazy thinking it, I will definitely try the cbt.

How has your day been? Xxx


That's good, you can survive on soup and yogurt. I've not had too bad a day. I've managed to eat pancakes, a sandwich and some salmon, I couldn't eat the crisps or the pasta. It's a nightmare, I get really bad tummy ache when I don't eat much and I get indigestion and I think iM having a heart attack. It's such a vicious circle.

Yes the fear is something stuck in my throat, I get bad throat infections I think it stems from that. It's about 10 yrs since I had my last proper bout of it. I can now say to myself this is anxiety although I will still avoid certain foods and I will not eat any nuts. Xxxx


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