Painic disorder and feeling short of breath

I feel like a fool, and so embarrassed posting here although I have done it before. My panic DISORDER has never been so bad, daily, constantly.....fear, shaking, house bound. I am not new to it, had it most of my life and I'm a senior now! Does anyone ever feel that they are "short of breath" or are not going to be able to get their breath and pass out? Of course this makes the panic even worse. Yes, I'm on meds and see a physciatrist regularly as well as try non traditional help methods....deep breathing, I cannot seem to master, I get hyperventilating....I am reading a good book by Dr. Claire Weekes right now, but I guess it's just since I woke hrs. ago I'm out of control....feeling there is no help, and the only end to it will be when I die. sorry to have unburdened again


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  • Yes I do get that, that's anxiety. :/ the breathing technique has been the biggest help in helping me calm down as it keeps you from getting lightheaded and that part tends to make the anxiety worse. Try breathing in for 4 seconds and breathing out for 4... out your hand on your tummy and extend your tummy when you take your breaths. You don't want to take too big of breaths cuz it will make it worse. Just normal breathing, practice it when you're not having an attack it will be easier :)

  • thank you, I've been trying the in for 4 blow out for six but I feel out of breath more....I will try it when NOT in panic mode!

  • is very difficult to do this on your own. So much easier if you listen to a voice guiding you.. It not only helps with breathing but also the rhythm of the heart beat. Sinking & Slowing Breathing Meditation works very well in not hyperventilating. I hope you give it a try.

    Good Luck x

  • I book marked an will be exploring it....leave no stone unturned!!! I do not want to give up!

  • My first panic attack had me feeling like I was in cardiac arrest. Yesterday, I had my second one and it started with me being on edge anxiety-wise all day and then as I went to pick my kids up from school, the air in the car felt stuffy. I rolled down my window and it wasn't helping. It was like a switch flipped and I immediately thought even though I was breathing, I wasn't getting any oxygen. My lips started tingling and I felt like I was going to pass out. I called 911 and then as soon as I started talking, I started shaking and realized I was fine and could breath. I felt like such an idiot. Breathing has never really been something I could concentrate enough to do when I feel panicky or anxious. I thought the cardiac arrest feeling panic attack was bad but feeling like I couldn't breath was absolutely terrifying. ((Hugs))

  • I have been in your shoes.....the fear is over powering. I shake terrible in the mornings when I get up or if something sets me off. I am like you, I can't seem to concentrate correctly on breathing exercises, yet I do know it helps many.My worse fear is not being able to get air in....My dad passed that way and I will NEVER forget the horrible sight and feelings , I wanted to save him. I have had some good years but now I'm a senior it seems to be worse and daily, and all the fear is of ill health and death. I know it is our mind controlling us, but when do we get to shut it off?

  • I can only imagine that seeing your dad pass that way has had a profound effect on you and contributes to your anxiety. It's hard sometimes to deal with the mind over matter when the mind doesn't seem to want to cooperate!

  • it is a memory you NEVER forget nor the sound of the gasping...we have several friends with COPD, (what my dad had) and one has just passed, another's heart is failing. The mind is so powerful, it is hard to ignore what it tells you. I took an Ativan and it helped the fear....I only use them once in a while as I'm afraid of becoming immune to them. I would just like to be brave again and enjoy life

  • I have a few Ativan on hand that I have taken on really bad days but I am weary of getting hooked on them and prefer not to be on medication if I can help it. It is crazy how much those little chill pills help though lol

  • I had them prescribed years and years ago, I only take maybe 1 or 2 a week, in the past not even any for months As you know they come in 1 or 2 mg I find the 2mg better. I find it so very odd that I seem to calm at night, but wake in the morning with fear and doesn't make sense.

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