Falling dropping sensations head pressure feel spaced out all the time

Falling dropping sensations head pressure feel spaced out all the time

I get these falling dropping sensations like I'm going to faint or like the floor falls beneath me out of nowhere I'm unbalanced when walking like I'm going to pass out I feel like my brain is in a constant fog like my brain is clogged or something it's hard to explain, all these symptoms happened four years ago during a very stressful time in my life things were getting better until October of last year when my doctor took my xanax away I was terrified and it brought my symptoms back again, I feel like I'm loosing my fucking mind to say the least sometimes I hate this all doctors say is it's anxiety and panic disorder! Anyone have this ????


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  • Yeah I do too they suck have you've seen a neurologist among the doctors you were talking about?

  • No I haven't have you what did they say

  • Me!😫

  • Megan how long have u suffered from this what do your doctors say

  • I wrote it on my page bc I have more symptoms to if u want to know what they are. It has been almost three years for me. Started after I got pregnant and has stopped since then. 24 hours a day. I get told it's anxiety but I saw a psychiatrist who is well known and I asked him if he has seen anyone suffer with 24/7 dizziness and he said he has but they had an inner ear disorder but I don't. He said it's possible it's anxiety tho and wants me to try Paxil.

  • Same here mine started four months after a bad infection and severe stress idk ent told me my ears were fine

  • I saw ent to and they said mine are fine to. It's kinda aggravating to me bc I want to be fixed now and feel normal but not be a guiney pig trying to find a medicine that will work. Have u taken any meds?

  • Only xanax which helps a lot but I was pulled off of it cold turkey in October now my symptoms are back I'm taking xanax again but a much lower dose it doesn't really work for me it's like I'm taking nothing

  • That's what I take in a low dose also. I don't get much from it either. Dizziness is still there.

  • I was on 0.5 and it helped a lot now I'm only taking a half of a half so I'm not sure what that mg would be

  • I take half of .5 twice a day.

  • I have dizziness everyday, almost whole day and my ears are fine.

  • Megan, there is a disorder of the Eustachian tubes (from the ears) that they don't know a lot about what causes it. My head feels like a balloon sometimes, and I feel light headed. It's pressure and inflammation, and swelling, I think. They put me on nasal sprays and decongestants. It's not something they can see, but an ENT can diagnose it by the symptoms. Just a thought?

  • I saw an ent she didn't give me a clear diagnosis. If it was bppv shouldn't I get some relief sometimes from it? I have had the eplay maneuver done and still dealing with it. I just don't kno what to think. 🙁

  • One would hope you'd get some relief. I'm sure your ent would have thought of the Eustachian tube disorder I spoke of, but don't think there is a test or a definitive way to diagnose it, other than if the symptoms go away on the decongestants, etc. Hope you get some answers somehow.

  • I want to be normal again I never knew how truly lucky I was back then I wanna be able to play with my son and not feel like I'm going to faint

  • That's how I feel. I have a one year old little girl and that's all I want is to be able to play with her without feeling this mess.

  • I hope our struggle ends soon and we can be normal again very soon

  • Me to 😫

  • Have you had all bloods done Hun?

  • Yes I have

  • Any thing abnormal?

  • No

  • Omg I thought I was the only one I see doctors all the time and I feel like they think I'm crazy or something been feeling like this for 1 year I want it to end I have a 1 years old daughter and can't function like I should I miss my old self I want my life back I cry everyday wishing I wake up fine one day but don't think I ever will got all sorts of things done they want to say it's anxiety but ever since I wake up I get this feeling up until I go to sleep and I wake up the next day and feel so so bad can't do anything I'm falling into depression I see everyone happy and I can't be like them it kills me .

  • I have same symtoms weird feeling dont know feeling i will faint like sensation using zolap , chronazipam and mitaz but still dont know why i am feeling such panic attack most of time that makes me worried so much

  • I have these feelings too not all the time but at least 3x a week

  • Go back and tell your doctor you still need the xanax at a higher dose.

  • Right there with you. Dizzy light headed feel like fainting multiple times this week. Have yet to try meds because I really don't want to go that route, the thing that has worked for me is rest. Turn off the brain for a few hours and things came back to a bit normal. Always anxious, try to keep busy and keep them blasted bad thoughts away.

  • I used to be on xanax years ago..

    horrible stuff...now I am on clonazepam and paxil..

    better option for me... any meds when taken off normally you get effects of not having that drug in your body.

    Are you taken any other meds? Get help, you don't need to suffer like that.

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