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So scared


I acc can't breath my airways are shutting, I feel so bad this lump when I breath in this lump is there I feel like I'm gonna die, will someone give me advice I feel so bad please help? 

My mum doesn't believe me I'm so scared please someone give me advice!!

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Shiann123,  Are you still bad?   Do you have a lump in your throat?

You will NOT die.  It is your anxiety getting the best of you.  I believe what

you are feeling.  Let me know if  you are still scared.   Take it easy please.

Shiann123 in reply to Agora1

Thankyou and yes it's hard must people experience different withanxiety and depression some people out there are worse then me and I pray the will beat this, but I will have it under control it just takes time, but most people have this sencation it's a normal thing :) 

Agora1 in reply to Shiann123

Hi dear,  you seem to understand anxiety and how it affects you, that's half the battle.  Now using relaxation and deep breathing and you will be feeling better.  You do need to prepare for it by practicing these everyday so that it comes automatically to you when in a crisis.   x

Shiann123,  hopefully you are feeling a little better now.  This is your emotions rolled up into a ball making it feel like a lump in your throat.  It's a spasm/tightness.  When this happens the best way to relieve the sensation is to try and not get over excited about it.  That will only make the spasm worse.   Take some warm water and sip on it, do some deep breathing while sitting in a chair.  A hot bath or shower will help relax those muscles as well as gently massaging the front of your neck. Try diverting your attention to a puzzle or a movie.  Relaxation is the key.  Good Luck dear.....

Shiann123 in reply to Agora1

Yes I try focus on different stuff but sometimes it's just so hard to handle this, but I know I'm getting stronger my mums my hero, and also I always talk to her I have a cbf☺️

Agora1 in reply to Shiann123

How blessed you are to have your mum support you.  x

Can I ask you a personal question? You mentioned that you had anorexia in a prior post. Was you ever bulimic too? I was bulimic for years, and overcame it eventually. However, I destroyed my body and mind. I got the lump feeling and went to my GI doctor. He ran a scope down my throat and noticed that I was having spasms and really bad GERD. He stretched my esophagus, and gave me medicine which numbed my esophagus. It was nothing life threatening, but when I got anxious I noticed the feeling got worse. You are not going to die (that is always our first thought) if you have any helps to take two teaspoons in some warm water...even herbal tea if you have it. Let us know how you are.

Agora1 in reply to kimberly434

Kimberly434,   thanks for that advice.  That makes sense since honey

adds moisture to the throat as well as soothing.  I would assume any

herbal tea would do.        On another note, my daughter suffers from

anorexia.  (6 years now)  She practically lives at the GI doctor's office

and has had many esophageal scope tests and colonoscopies.  She does

have Gerds but doesn't get the throat spasm. (then again she isn't anxious)

I'm so happy for  you that you overcame your bulimia.  Congratulations.

Take care and stay well  x

No Hun I just didn't eat due to stuff...but thanks so much for the support it's so lovely x


You need too see your gp and you need to talk to some one talking helps a lot 

Some medication may help you relax and take control again I have to sometimes nothing to be ashamed about and my parents didn't understand.

Also exercise if you can try go for a walk and deep breathing exercises can help.

Go and see your gp first ask for help 👍


Shiann123 in reply to Iancc

I go see my gp everyweek as they like keeping an eye in me and yes I take medication as I have GERD also :) 


How old are you? Just curious. Can you see a counselor? They might be able to at least help you to talk it out?

Shiann123 in reply to Hidden

I'm coming 18 very soon, and yes I have a cbt☺️

Hidden in reply to Shiann123

Just asked as you seemed young as you mentioned your mum. I have dealt with this stuff for decades. I would probably seem ancient to u. Clearly you have had some difficult emotional issues that caused these problems. So I am glad u are seeing someone.

Definitely sounds like anxiety. I have felt this hundreds of times.  I've been dealing with anxiety for years and this was one of my main symptoms. And panicking only makes it worse, though it's hard not too. Focusing on your breathing and take some deep breaths. Hope you feel better. 

Hope your feeling better x

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