I feel as if I'm gonna stop breathing and I'm gonna die my airways feel so tight and there's a lump I'm so scared and I'm only 18 why do I think of death so much, it scares the life otta me...I feel breathless atm and this lump it making it hard for me to get a breath, I wish I new what was going on, this lumo is bloody hell I can't manage it anymore💔


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  • Hi Shiann123,  Where is the lump you feel, in your throat?  

  • It's on the right side below my Adam's apple in the center of my throat?

  • That's what I thought Shiann.  It is anxiety, uncomfortable but not dangerous.  It will not make you stop breathing.  When we are anxious, it affects the muscles in our body.  Sometimes it's the throat. You can still eat, drink liquids and breath.  In Latin it's called "globus hystericus"  meaning nothing more than feeling like a ball is stuck down in your throat.  Sip on some warm warm or drink to relax the muscle in your throat.  Divert your attention to something else.  Tv, a book, a game or movie.  Your chest is tight also from anxiety.  Try to find a quiet place to call your own for 10-15 minutes.  Do some deep breathing to quiet down the tension you are feeling.  You will be okay...x

  • Thanks so nice for the reply it's just what I needed, I just feel it were my airway is  at , I'm glad I have someone who went threw what I have,  to talk to them you've made me feel so much better thankyou, would you still get this feeling x

  • No, I don't, anxiety chooses different things to keep us second guessing.  I'm glad you feel better.  Maybe not physically yet but mentally you understand what's causing it which will make it subside.  x

  • I hope I feel better soon it's so annoying and make me feel like I'm gonna die and it's scary💔but at you say muscle tension can be annoying, hopefully I move past this and think positive I still feel breathless and my airways are gonna shut x

  • Shiann, I know it's a terrible feeling and hard to ignore.  But hopefully you will relax and it will go away.  As for the breathless, I think you might mean a little lower, like in the upper stomach which is where the diaphragm is.  That too gets tight and feels as if it won't expand to allow you to take a breathe.  Don't force the breathe, it will open up and come naturally the more you relax.  You are still getting the oxygen you need.  Sending you a hug  x

  • It's were my trachea is I think I'm gonna have to call an ambulance I think I'm gonna die x

  • You do what you have to.  I'm sorry dear. You will be in my thoughts.  Please let us know what happens.   x

  • Good suggestion Agora1. All the things you suggest might help or they might not. You are absolutely right that is not dangerous physically. It is a deep emotional issue. I know, because I have had it for 50 years.

  • jaybaba,  it's makes me sad to hear young people going through what we have.  Some things never change.  We can only share our experiences in hopes that it comforts them.   Hope you are well. 

  • We have "talked" before so I am a little familiar with your problem. Believe it or not, I have had the same thing for 50 years!! So I know very well what you are going through. You have great courage at a young age to share this problem with us and keep going. You think of death because when the throat tightens the breathing constricts, and panic sets in. This issue is serious enough to see a counselor if you are willing to, even if just to have someone to talk to.

  • Thank you for  reply and yes I understand it always about my throat💔it's just feels abs awful, I just wish I new I will be okay :( 

  • I am so sorry.

  • It's were trachea is I'm gonna die💔I acc feel really bad I wanna call an ambulance.  

  • Shiann, when you get back, please let us know how you are doing.  I hope  you are okay.  x

  • I got my medication,andwill be seeing my doctor, I think I took bad last night, I've a blocked nose and bad breathing I'm coping with it a bit better today  x

  • Oh Shiann, thank you for getting back.  I was very concerned about you.  I hope you will be getting into your doctors soon.  Just take it easy today, we are all here if you need to talk.  xx

  • it's been worse before so I'm trying to think positive, I do have GERD with can cause lots of tension and also with anixty and depression ect xx

  • Hi Shiann,  Sorry I'm late in responding, had a therapy session today, just came home.  I know how hard it is to think positive when scared.  It's a learning process. Having GERD is very uncomfortable as well.  Do the best you can in knowing you have had this feeling before and that it will get better.  We are here if you need support.  xx

  • Sorry! If you want to call an ambulance, it is ok. I think you will probably be all right, but maybe it will reassure you.

  • I understand it's been worse before so I'm trying to think positive, I do have GERD with can cause lots of tension and also with anixty and depression ect.  

  • What is GERD?

  •  gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) 

  • Sorry you have that condition. Is it curable?

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