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So scared


So I'm a huge hypochodriac and recently it's been really bad. For the past month I've been having horrible dizzy spells and lightheadedness which won't go away. I've also had really bad headaches, Insomnia, fatique, tiredness after the slightest thing, depersonlization and more or less anything else. My symptoms are so bad I can't even leave the house. Today all I have done is cry and panic because I'm convinced I have some sort of cancer. My eyes are really red and sore Ive cried that much. I've been to the doctors but they won't listen to me when I explain how I feel. I just can't go on. Is anyone else feeling like this?

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when you went to the doctors what did they say about it?

Literally nothing, they told me to stop crying, it's anxiety :(

That's easy for them to say :/, janjan1 could be right about it being anxiety and depression together but don't let that be a diagnosis, if you can try and hold out for a few more days and then see the doctor again but this time ask to see a different one and explain to him/her how you've been feeling maybe they can explain it to you better than the previous doctor, hopefully they can help you but remember you'll get over this and move on in time, keep it easy :)


Hi, Sorry you are feeling this way. Been there, done that! Did the doctors prescribe any anti anxiety or antidepressant meds for you? You should see a psychiatrist. The medication can help so much. You don't have to spend your life feeling so badly. Good Luck

Elleyfreeman in reply to Hidden

No, they won't because I'm 'too young' even though I'm 15 😭 but thank you anyway.

Hey budy. Dont jump to this ideas and dont google.

First of all calm its probably anxiety and deprssion combined.

Go to the doctor again maybe to another .tell him ur story .ask for blood test and checked by him just that u feel more calm.

Drink alot of well. Do some jogging or walking .ans try to sleep well.

If u have hard time sleep watch asmr sleep on youtube.


Elleyfreeman in reply to janjan1

I've already had a blood test and my mum won't take me back to the doctors again :( but thank you.

janjan1 in reply to Elleyfreeman

You can tell her that it will make you feel much better if its still botther you.

Be positive and calm .every thing will be fine

Elleyfreeman in reply to janjan1

Thank you❤️

The Depersonalization and Derealization shit can really fuck with you if you have bad anxiety because i have derealization sometimes and it really makes me think out of there and freaks me out, or anytime i have any symptoms i google it and it tries to tell me i have some crazy disease. never use google, but i hope you'll be fine

Yeah its really scary sometimes I feel like I'm not even in my own body and thank you!

I do and they look a me crazy too

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