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I have so much anxiety right now! I feel like I can't be happy and it's hard. I feel like there is something stuck in me and I can't tell if it's all in my head cause I kinda feel nauseous. And, I'm scared because I don't want to throw up and I feel like I can never sleep. I've had a lot going on in my life the past two years so I feel like that might be why. Please someone give me advice or comfort me with some good words. I also get the shakes whenever I have a lot of anxiety, does anyone ever get that? Also, I'm an overthinker too! I just feel like crying right now:(

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Hi there

I know how your feeling as I am going through the same thing. It's so scary and frustrating when all you want to do is be happy and live a normal life but it won't let you.

If you want to cry then cry your frustrated it's fine let it out.

I believe anxiety comes into a life for a reason and that is when we've been ignoring all the other signs that our hearts and minds need to change anxiety gives us no choice to confront them. You say you've been going through a lot in the last two years, I can certainly relate to that.

When this was going on did you allow your self the time and space to deal with it or did you think you had to carry on regardless. I'm an overthinker too and tend to worry about my problems on the inside while trying to act like I'm coping on the outside?

I would suggest getting a note pad and pen and writing about what has been going on with you in the last few years and how is has affected you.

I don't know what all the answers are myself as I am still battling my anxiety. But I think taking this time to figure out your relationship with yourself and improve it can only be a good thing

Good luck



Thank you for your advice, I will try to write down how I feel and everything that has affected me in the last two years.


What do you mean?..


Savannah_claire_, you are wiser then you think because you have worked out what is causing your symptoms. Life has not been treating you kindly for the past 2 years and this has taken its toll on you with nausea, the shakes and feeling anxious. You say you fear throwing up but you haven't actually been sick have you. Nor will you, the nausea that is produced by anxiety doesn't develop into actually being sick, so you don't have to worry about that. Claire Weekes, the anxiety doctor who developed the Acceptance Method fir recovery, used to say that the stomach is the most 'sympathetic' organ to anxiety, the one that responds to it most often and too easily.

Be reassured that what is happening to you has/is happening to thousands of others with high anxiety. If you can distance yourself from the problems of the last 2 years that prompted your present nervous sensitivity then that would be a great help, but they may be resolved anyway. Unfortunately the anxiety can continue even when the cause is removed: anxiety causes more symptoms which cause more anxiety which causes more symptoms and on and on it goes.

The important thing for recovery is to not stress and obsess about your present symptoms as too much introspection and self-examination can keep the symptoms alive. Instead simply accept them as mild inconveniences that will pasd in time if you are prepared to calmly aacept them without fear for the present. So let the nausea come and let the shakes do their worse, they are not organic in irigin but are merely blips in your over-sensitised nervous system, why fear something that is a fake illness? They cannot harm you and are not life threatening so why not just accept them for the time being and give your poor old nervous system a break from fear.

So I emphasise: just frame your mind to ACCEPT these fraudulent symptom for the time being because if you can accept them you won't be fearing them and it's fear that does the damage and robs us of our peace of mind. Do these things and in time you will fully recover I promise you and all will be as things were and you will regain your quiet mind..

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Thank you. I guess I am just scared of getting the stomach flu or food poisoning. Like I think of What if's. I had the stomach flu in May and it sucked so having that experience scares me. I don't know how to accept this and I just want to feel normal but yeah why be worried if I am not sick at all.


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