Feeling confused and scared, could someone help me out please?

On the right side below my Adam apple there's always a choking and breathless feeling and it's so scary, don't know how longer I can deal with this,Atm I'm feeling like a soild lump in my throat/and all stuff at the bottom of my throat and when I swallow I feel this lump it's really hard to deal with always throat clearing and can't eat..I feel awful...and breathless, like theres a lyre of mucous over my throat I'm so scared but my gases came back good and blood cames back good,?

So does this mean I'm gonna be okay?

Is this just a panic attack?im so confused could someone help me out, should I all 999?


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14 Replies

  • hi ya it sounds like a panic attack thats how I felt it was awful :( just take deep breaths it do really help hun u are not alone anyone who experience a panic attack has the same symptoms xx

  • I have an eating disorder because of all this now so when I would eat it feels like it sits in my throat like someone's getting a bit of strong and tieing my airway it's awful, and I am sure in the process my heart rate does get bad, but what I hate is when no one understands, thanks for the reply and I also do breathing exercise it's more a fear of death and choking witch is scaring me xx

  • Thats exactly how my throat feels below the adams apple I get the feeling someone is strangling me I also had this for two nights when I was laying down to go to sleep then when I eat it feels asif the food gets stuck just underneath the adams apple

  • That's how I feel now to chokey and food stuck in my throat, it's awful and no one understands because I've got tested, my family wouldn't really be that supportive anymore they just get angry, but I can't help feeling this way, I find it hard to eat, like I blend everything, and won't put a lump past my mouth, but I'm just trying to understand do you acc think this is anixty?

  • The doctor told me it was anxiety but I still dont believe them I suffer with health anxiety so I end up thinking I have got every disease its not a very nice feeling I drink loads of water with meals still doesnt help tho I also suffer with post nasal drip and I have been told that can also cause difficulty swallowing

  • Hi again doll, yes it's very challenging, you may have a thing called globus sencation, it's were you always feel like there food stuck in your throat, it's very scary indeed and when you eat it feels like someone's just rapping the hands aroud your neck, I understand, but I think maybe you should start with yogurts, soups, ice cream if it's hard for you to get solids down, and yeah I understand diagnosing yourself, it's a part of anixty trying to fear you, it's very hard to trust doctors when you feel this, but maybe wee should, because they get paid big money to help us, but message me anytime and hope things get better x

  • Hey X I had a similar problem and catthar and phlegm that gather in your throat X I've had it for a few years now and it's worse when I'm anxious and it feels like a hard lump in your throat X it's not nice X I do suffer with sinuses which doesn't help X don't know if this is a help X

  • Aww sounds awful, did you use to be a smoker?

    The lump things very scary I understand when your feeling this thing but you've got proven nothing it's acc there, maybe you could have globus sencation it's were you always feel as if there's food stuck in your throat but with the thing your suffering with atm, sounds like it's very hard to deal with, I always feel as if mucas is stuck in my throat I've started eat tho, today I had soup witch is very good and I feel so proud of myself for achieving this goal☺️And aww you also have a nose problem so it would be hard to take in the amount of air, if you done breathing exercises it would be great for you, do you like music, meditating?keep me posted and message anytime x

  • Yeah that answer does help I also suffer with sinus problems at the moment my nose is blocked it has been for over a year so I am doing a lot of mouth breathing the only time I can blow my nose and clear it is when I have a cold any other time I cannot blow my nose because when I try nothing comes out the doc says its not a sinus infection even tho I told them the post nasal drip is green they said it doesn't matter what colour it is green doesn't always mean infection

  • How do you get rid of this post nasal drip I sometimes end up swallowing it by accident which then gives me chest congestion (swallowing phlegm is easier than swallowing food at the moment)

  • See I don't have a nasel drip, so I'm not sure it's a pitty the doctor didn't give you more advice, and then because your nose is blocked your breathing threw the mouth and makes the throat feel all dry must be hard for you doll, do you enjoy breathing exercises x

  • For some reason breathing exercises make me more anxious could be because I am concentrating on my breathing more

  • Would you feel dizzy after them? And if you do that means it's the first proper time your improving feeding your lungs, as that's what my cbt said to me☺️

  • Yeah I do actually feel dizzy when I do them and I had no idea why I was feeling dizzy thanks for letting me know about the breathing and feeling dizzy

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