The way I feel after grocery shopping😷😢

What are you want to go do some grocery shopping with my husband and I felt great I felt like normal for the first time in a long time no anxiety still no anxiety but when I go home to put the groceries away I feel so sick to my stomach I feel like I'm so weak I felt like I was going to fall my mouth is dry I just don't know what to do I'm scared I wish my husband could really understand what I'm going through but men seem to not understand when I don't even have a car at the moment my husband has it so even if I wanted to go to the hospital I can't unless I call the ambulance but I really don't want to have to I just feel like my body is in need of something but what I don't really know I drink water but I feel sick I just don't know I know tonight's going to be a rough night to sleep I can't even sleep well I didn't this morning hopefully have the strength the power to do things tomorrow so they have my appointment and I pray that my dad is by my side watching me and taking care of me and all the other angels that are up above my grandparents uncles aunts and all of them I'm sitting here crying and my daughter is telling me mommy you have to have faith in Jesus that really lifted me up but sometimes it's just so hard you don't know what to do when your mind is going through so many things for thinking sometimes hard to keep positive every single time I just hope my body strong enough not to give up and I pray to God that he keeps me here for my kids because my kids need me


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  • I feel the same way!!! Hang in there I'm trying too as well keep praying that God will hear us. I feel like I've lost it all my symptoms are so bad I just can't take it anymore. Are you taking medication?

  • No I'm not taking any medication but my doctor has prescribed me some medication but it makes me emotional sad mad I'm sleepy but I don't want to take it I want to do it on my own that's sucks I'm hoping that I can you know go through thank you acupuncture today hopefully it goes well to whatever is my pain I drink I don't drink so I messed up I don't drink when I don't drink too I'm drunk but I try to drink a beer here and there everyday but it makes me feel a lot more better and it's crazy is it crazy to say but I hope you feel better too it really sucks to be going through this stuff

  • It really does I always ask why me? I can't believe it's happening. Mine is so bad lately that I feel like I have to try medication but I am so scared to try it...😞

  • Yup thats me seriously it sucks im still up have to take my son to school in the morning

  • I feel the same way about medication I am scared even taking Advil or Aleve anything I just you know it sucks and and it's so scary but I mean like I said I do have anxiety pills but they make me feel nasty sleepy and I got two kids to look for you know after and I can be sleeping all day I got depression pills that make me feel even worse I was even thinking about Suicidal Thoughts I stopped it I mean I was going through a lot after I Lost My Baby few months ago it took a toll on my body but to me I feel like whatever it is my pain and I know this might seem stupid and crazy the one I drink beer it helps me get through this me it makes me feel better but then like last night my friend woke me up and she was going through some stuff and she was drinking and she's like drink one with me so I freaked and started drinking and or drink 9 beers and then she ended up going home and I just feel so awful not The Hangover but like my heart is pumping super fast I just feel like really nasty on my chest area I could feel my pulse moving in my neck it's pretty bad right now but I'm drinking a ginger tea and hopefully it works but I know it's a bad habit to drink because it's not going to solve anything I'm just messing up my body the inside and I really need to stop I mean a beer here and there is fine but like 9 beers with a lot of beers for me I normally drink too I used to be a heavy drinker last year until me and my husband separated and then I used to drink every single day until my heart started going fast and I had to call the ambulance and then I had to know the doctor told me to go to a Cardiologist and then I did last year December and then they did a stress test and did all kinds of tests and then January got my results this year I come to find out I have a heart murmur ham my heart just beats faster than normal or slower than normal it's not perfect so that's what I had to do it and then I can have my anxiety so mind sighting palpitations like all that mix together it's just all bad butt I'm getting better I used to smoke cigarettes last year and I stopped on Thanksgiving of last year and this year will be my first year without nicotine which I'm so proud of myself up drinking I need to drink everyday I drink occasionally now sometimes I don't maybe I just want to have a beer and I'll be fine but I've changed my ways a lot within the year and I'm glad but it's just as anxiety is killing me I hope you're feeling better today I'm sorry for the little late response

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