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I hate feeling like this

Here we go again. Im so scared I feel like I got a blood clot travelling to my lung or heart. I feel so weird I just duno what to do, I feel like I have one because I don't leave my house and Iv got one in my legs and it's travelled.. I know everyone's properly getting sick of me and I'm sorry I just post because I just need reassurance :( .. But I guess if I wasn't worrying about blood clots it will be something else I feel like I'm obsessed with all this. All my lungs and tight and have stabbing pains.

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U have a blood clot?


I don't know think I'm just paranoid


Yes hun just try to relax why don't u go for a nice walk to take your mind off it?


Hey don't think that anyone's getting sick of u hun, we're all in the same boat and when ur brain goes into emotional high jack it's hard to think rationally. Just remember that ur ok and it's just anxiety hun. X


Do you have swelling in a leg?

Red almost like a sunburn patch ion you calf or thigh?


Extreme pain while using the leg? And continues when at rest?

Do you have upper back pain? Worse when breathing in?

If not you are okay.

Do you at least get up every hr when laying down or sitting?

You have to be completely immobile say (4+ hrs) no movement at all and have clotting issues or be at risk to even develop a clot your chances are low. Especially when young. These are my fears too but after three visits to the hospital those are the questions that I get asked repeatedly :)


Did you not go and have test dun and said all good kaylala so its panic time agane just remember when whet hos thay said no bloodclots yer find get that in head hard but yer minds playing with you x


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