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Sick and sad please help

I'm having an anxiety attack but it's really weird. I feel sad and like I don't know who I am? Like I feel disconnected from my memories. I feel really really sad, even my body feels sad. It's hard to move because all of my muscles hurt and my stomach hurts. And I'm also really irritable and snapping at my boyfriend who's trying to help me. He wants to take me to an emergency psychiatrist to get my meds evaluated because i was just put on new ones but I know they're just going to put me on more because that's what psychiatrists do lol. I feel awful and shaky and like I'm going to die or lose my mind or explode. No end in sight

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This is called Depersonalization. Happens with a lot of stress.


Maybe your new meds are making you feel like this. I have had meds in the past that have made me feel very bad, much worse than I felt before I took them. You need to check with your GP or whoever prescribed them that it is not the meds making you feel so bad. Good luck. xx


I agree it could definitely be the meds go see a gp to help you understand these new meds and side effects.



Please, my friend, go to a GP. Talk to your doctor. All this symptoms and signs are related to anxiety and mood disorders. Look for a psychologist. Is always good to combine medical and psychological treatment. Look for some cognitive behavioural therapy.

There's always good things in sight!!!

Greetings from Brazil.

If you need/wanna talk we can WhatsApp (+5521967600911)

Best wishes!!!


Hi Someone, Enough! No more feeling out of control for you. If you are medically well (determined by your doctor), you are not going to die. What is causing your anxiety? Whatever it is if you can change it, do so. If you can't, accept it. But know the difference in what you can change and what you can't. What you can't change, God can. See a good therapist who believes in talking and getting to the root of your problem without meds. There are natural supplements that will help. Also, research depersonalization and read some of the material recommended to see if it helps. Don't go alone with your mental thoughts, if you your doctor can't find anything physically wrong with you, accept it. Know that you are well and tell yourself this.

I have this ringing in my ear now it feels like it's in the back my head. That's my next challenge. I don't notice it so much during the day when I am busy.


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