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vision problems... linked to anxiety?


I don't really know were to start with this...

I've been noticing floaters in my sight for quite awhile now, never really thought anything of it. But I went to the optitions and they done all the eye tests/checks/pictures everything came back fine. She said if anything gets worse... go to an eye clinic as you can get tears at the back of your eye. Well this just freaked me out because every little thing I get I now think thats going to happen.

I get random little flashing black dots in my sight sometimes, and sometimes I almost think my vision can become blurry/double but not super strong... quite mild.

I've recently had an MRI scan of my brain... everything is healthy and well. So obviously my next point of call was anxiety? my point is can anxiety affect your eyesight? I know it seems odd... but has anyone witnessed this before? If anyone can relate I'd love to hear about it please, as its doing nothing but worrying me more

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Hi I suffer from anxiety and get see floaters and get bad eye strain. Went to opticians and doctors and both were fine I got recommended some eye drops.. No one mentioned it to be linked but wonder whether it is...

My eyesight is messed up. My vision is always blurry like I'm constantly a little tipsy, and I'm really sensitive to light. I HOPE it's anxiety haha, but so far I haven't found anything wrong so I'm guessing it is. I know sometimes there are conditions where certain muscles can do this to you, like sternoclidomastoid or other neck muscles, so maybe anxiety is tightening these muscles causing vision problems.

Thanks guys!

Hi JLouise,  anxiety has played this game on me as well for a number of years.  It's unbelievable how anxiety affects all parts of our body.  I had my eyes checked and like you were told everything was okay.  I have floaters as well as waking up to a show on the ceiling of dots, black spiders, black clouds...blink and they are gone.  My eyes are also blurry especially when outside or in store.  Nervous tension affects the muscles of the eyes as well as every other muscle in our body.  Try not to worry about it, blink a few times.  I have dry eyes and use natural tears eye drops if too bad. You will be okay. xx


I too have floaters bit mostly in my right eye. They are more noticeable when outside or looking at a pale background such as a white wall etc. They are always there they never go away. All my eye tests have been normal they don't know what is causing them. My vision is always off it is so frustrating! 

floaters as you call them are an inevitable part of most peoples lives, as we age the more floaters you'll see. completely normal, don't stress :)

I'm the same way, I notice floaters most of the time and my vision is pretty weird and never 100% normal. at best it's maybe 90%, still a little bit off! hang in there!!

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