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Vision problems, hearing problems, and much more linked to anxiety?

I have struggled with Anxiety since I was 7 years old. However it has always came and gone and never been too severe up until these past 8 months, I'm now 17 years old and there are so many things wrong with me and I really have no idea if it's anxiety or if my life is ending. My vision and the way my eyes view things has been very weird this past week nothing seems as clear as it used to, I feel almost like I can't focus on anything for more than a second and I have a headache a lot of the time, sometimes my heart will beat extremely fast and I will get very nervous and feel sick to my stomach, and I have to drink a lot of water and lay down for it to pass, also my hearing has seemed much more sensitive lately and that's scaring me too, I just want to be healthy I want all of this to stop and I want to know if there's something really wrong with me, if anybody has answers please help.

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During anxiety (panic) attacks we can experience a variety of symptoms. These are often completely normal due to us going through the "Fight or Flight" response as we are preparing for a 'dangerous' situation.

Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are, but not exclusively:





Difficulty breathing

Chest pain



Feeling faint




Hot flashes

You may also experience cognitive symptoms:

Mind going blank

Difficulty speaking

Loss of concentration



and/or some behavioural symptoms such as:

Panic attacks


(These details are from Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders by Robert L. Leahy and Stephen J. Holland.)

There are a few steps you can take that may be helpful and here are some coping statements that might be useful.

1 - Normalize your anxiety:

Anxiety is normal.

Everyone has anxiety.

Anxiety shows that I am alert.

Anxiety may be biologically programmed (this may be the “right response at the wrong time”— there is no danger that I have to escape from).

2 - Take the danger away:

Anxiety is arousal.

I’ve been through this before, and nothing bad has happened.

Anxiety passes and goes away.

3 - Challenge your negative thoughts:

I’m having false alarms.

I’m not going crazy or losing control.

These sensations are not dangerous.

People can’t see my feelings.

I don’t need to have 100% control.

4 - Learn from the past:

I’ve made many negative predictions before that haven’t come true.

I have never gone crazy, had a heart attack, or died from my anxiety.

Remember to keep breathing normally—this helps.

Plan acceptance:

I can sit back and watch my arousal.

I can accept that my arousal goes up and down.

I can observe my sensations increasing and decreasing.

I can accept my arousal and examine my negative thoughts.

I hope this may be of some help.


so you're saying the problems I'm having are normal for people with anxiety?

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The one I hate the most us depersonalization, faint feeling and chest pain..


Have you seen an optometrist?




We will all be fine. Just chill and let all your symptoms run its course. Not easy to ignore but just stay active. Do your normal things, school, hang out with friends, relatives. You don't have to talk about your anxiety. Talk about whatever. Concentrate on activities you like and chores. Get a hobby that you can Do. All these will keep your focus off all symptoms. Anxiety comes with many many symptoms just know that's all they are, feelings and emotions. They wont hurt you. Stay busy, exercise, eat foods that are good for you. Sometimes when you start feeling symptoms,it's because you are become dehydrated, drink water eat healthy food. Sometimes eating a healthy snack helps. Takes about 30 minutes to get into your system but it does help. I do all this plus I will take a long walk and enjoy the outdoors, watch kids play, say hello to others that are walking. This helps me alot. Remember even people with out anxiety disorders experience anxiety and stress. life is hard but we need to do things that makes us feel good and not focus on negative. The more you focus on your symptoms, the more you feel them and you don't feel better, just worse. Hope this helps. You definitely are not alone and we are all still here. God bless you.


I have all of these symptoms - I can't drive anymore because my vision is so bad I can t concentrate, I feel sick or have tummy pain all the time or chest pain or some sort of pain. The hearing thing is hyper sensitive I expect I have it too but mine is more with smell I can't go to the hair dressers because the smell is so strong for me even deodorant makes me feel sick (I still wear it though ha) and my hearing is sensitive too can't go anywhere too noisy or I have a panic attack. I am constantly thirsty and tired and everything. I completely get how you feel and my advice is to do meditation, get mindfulness books with s guided meditation, go to therapy CBT is good but my main this is bowman or bowmen technique can't remember how you spell it it is amazing it relaxes you but also helps you get over trumours which is why you have anxiety in the first place. Read up about it it sounds so weird I didn't believe in it at all but it is a life saver I have had many sessions where I have just started crying because it s bringing out the trama (literally cannot spell to save my life ha) it is 100 times better then a massage as well and has helped with a lot of pain I get in my back arms legs etc and helps the palpatations, shakiness just everything really


I forgot to include that the reason your sight goes weird or your hearing etc is because atm our anxiety is so high we are constantly in fight or flight mode ( which is used say if we were chased by a lion or whatever) it means that our senses are hypersensitive because our brain is constantly telling us that we are in trouble and something bad is going to happen (but it is not) and also this is hard to do but when u re beating yourself up for having anxiety and wanting to be normal or whatever focus on your breath. Breath in and then out deeply or 5 or more breaths and just focus on your breaths and be in the moment because worrying about the future of the past is what keeps your anxiety going you need to be in the present so when you talk to someone or anything jsjf focus on what they are saying and try and keep your mind focused on the subject not on what is going to be happening in the future.


Also I would suggest going to see a homeopath again I did not believe in them but when I was actually physically seriously ill all the doctors just said it was in my head but she is the one who got me better and she may also give u natural pills to help and she will listen and help you


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