Dizzy/vision problems with anxiety - read this

Touch the back of the neck, under the base of the skull and move the eyes, not the head. Feel the neck muscles move a little.

I been trying this after reading a mans post on how neck muscles truely are connected with eye muscle function, eye movement.

Lot nerves... from neck go to eyes. Honestly my friends I have been so tense in neck area over family troubles and I get the whole dizzy anxiety thing, where things don't look right. Amazingly I read this and I can feel it at the back of my neck. So the whole anxiety thing where it obviously makes you more tense thus causes eyes not to be the same. All the more importance of getting into a relaxed state. I have been worse than usual lately and keep rubbing my neck, getting the whole strange vision dizzy!!! Its all linked to the neck muscles.


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  • You're so right! Funny. I find myself tensing my neck at all times so now I try to check myself every once in a while. I even catch myself with my shoulders up towards my ears when I'm lying in bed listening to a relaxation video. Anxious people tense their shoulders/neck too much and it causes symptoms. Thanks for your post. Interesting.

  • Hi Frances have read your post, and even though I don't suffer with this kind of tension its good advice!My problems when anxiety hit are the racing heart sweating and sort of electric shock feelings in my heart!

    Hope all well with your sis~how are you coping as well?

    Kath:-) x

  • I get the sweating part too and on occasion the racing heart which is so scary. Think I am just worn out Kath with everything and have coped well but it all got a bit much in the end. Feel burnt out now. Nice to hear from you and hope your weekend goes well x x

  • Well you are bound to be worn out with all you've been through ! Hope there is a rainbow in the sky for you before too long ~keep looking for it!!

    Hope your weekend goes well too!

    Kath:-) x

  • Thats so good to read that Kath, was only saying earlier to my youngest son my rainbow is coming and then you sent this x Simple things pick me up and thanks to your reply its rekindled my hope x x x

  • Yep I always think a kind word or deed is all we need sometime!Those are the things that give me courage!Not all the meds in the world can beat a nice cuddle!!

    (Or a rainbow)

    Kath:-) :-) x

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