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Does anyone feel like they are gonna pass out with anexity when I'm at work I could be feeling fine but I'll feel like I'm not in my own body and like I'm pass out and I just keep walking but my legs ain't moving type of feeling? I also got a head last night that came from the back of my head to behide my eye that went away with sleep someone plz help I'm scared 

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Yes I feel like I'm going to pass out because of anxiety almost daily.  It's very common. Also feeling outside of your body is called depersonalization or derealization. Also very common. Don't let it become a monster in your mind. Tell yourself it's just anxiety, it will pass, take some deep relaxing breaths and push through it 😊 You will be ok! 


Thank u so much ur a big help I appreciate ur words 


Hi Marisol,  I agree with KimMc,  when feeling like you are going to pass out,

start taking deep breathes, blowing out slowly.  What's nice is that it works

anywhere (work, store, car)  My feeling when I get like that is that I am probably

holding my breath and don't realize it.  Being anxious is easy to control if we

BELIEVE IN  what we are doing to control it.  xx

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I feel exactly the same like I feel in a dream like nothing's real you know where you are but everything seems strange!

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