I believe I'm going through peri menapause I'm 6 days late with my period and I will be 50 in August. My aniexty today is crazy I just took an oxyzepam for my aniexty hopefully that works soon, I can't stand this feeling. I'm alway thinking what if and I have had it before so I know I'm going to be fine. This is also a symptom on peri menopausal. Along with headaches which I have had for 3 weeks. I don't even wanna think about going to bed because my mind will not shut off. Anyone get like this.


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  • Yes read my post in the same xx don't wanna go sleep incase I don't wake up but I'm so tired 

  • I think I'm going through it too I'm 41 

  • What are you symptoms

  • I have chills, night sweats, high anxiety and depression I suffer anxiety anyways but it's been really bad the last few months along with the night swears etc. 

  • Me to  what do you feel like when you get anxiety I find it is gotten worse the last week or two since I haven't had a period in the last six days I've been late but I took one of my pills and I feel much better it's called oxazepam and works great just have to watch because it's very addictive

  • My heart races and I feel like something really bad is going to happen and feel shaky when I'm anxious ah yes periods are on time but very light and sometimes only last two days oh it's good you have something like that to take I have diazapam but  way too scared to take them because I worry about the side effects 😔 

  • A friend of mine is on that and she said it works great. I'm on oxzaepam which is similar and it actually does a great job the only side effect I get is alittle tired but take one 

  • Hello

    Chances are at 50 you will be starting in the menopause 

    I have been going through it and still am and to be honest I have not had it good even though this is not the case for all women 

    I do think at times it makes you feel anxious , I get the night sweats and day ones as well but night time well I cannot remember the last time I had a good nights sleep because I am always waking up sweating and that is having a fan blowing in the bedroom all night 

    I always used to get an odd migraine but since starting the menopause I get regular migraines which really drags me down and because of other things like High blood pressure I can't take any HRT , I have tried natural things but they do not touch me so I basically am grinning and bearing it and for me I started about 43 10 years ago and I am still not through it yet ( O dear I am not helping here maybe with all this doom and gloom :-D ) but this is just how it has and is for me it does not mean everyone will be the same 

    Have you spoken to your Doctor about this ?

    They can do a simple blood test to see where your hormone's are at and then if you are going through it they could discuss what you maybe able to take to help and I would certainly ask for the blood test it helped me knowing for definite what was happening rather than guessing as my anxiety would want to try and tell me something else  

    On a positive though I have friends that have gone on HRT and they have been great as well as friends that did not go on it suffered for a few months and then were fine , I just sometimes thing I drew the short straw as always with the way mine has gone :-)

    The joys of been a women it never ends :-D 

    Take Care x

  • Hey girl since I took my oxyzepam I'm a lot better still not 100 percent but better. I'm worried about going to bed though because I don't wanna wake up feeling like this again. I don't wanna take to many of my pills because they are addictive. I have just been reading and playing acouple games on my iPad. Where are you from. I'm from Ontario Canada my name is sherrie thanks for talking to me

  • Hello 

    You will be on a different time to me then , not sure what the difference will be but I am in the UK so morning here but could be in the middle of the night where you are ?

    Hope you are getting a good nights sleep :-) x

  • Goodmorning from Ontario Canada it's 7:23 on Saturday morning with snow still. We were hit with a storm 2 days ago. I had a good sleep because I could one on my pills for aniexty got up at 6:50 and I was actually able to take a shower with no panic. We are bringing one of our dogs to the vet and it's over an our away so I'm looking forward to the drive. I have to keep telling myself it's the peri menopause but the dam aniexty comes along with it unfortunately. Well you have a good day your probably sleeping right now 

  • Hello 

    It is 11.45 Saturday morning here approaching mid day so we are about 4 hours in front of you which is not much :-)

    Wow snow !

    We are all waiting for the spring I think in the UK but we have rain today 

    Yes the menopause has a lot to answer for but I hope it does not stop you having a nice Day and a lovely Easter :-) x

  • And yes sorry I'm going back to the doctor on March 31

  • you need hug more .yes you worry. motional runs hight keep as well as one can i am here if like to talk michael

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