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Hello everybody hope i get feed back today ive been to the dr telling him about my episode & i feel like he"s brushing me off he havnt told me i have aniexty but told i"m stressed causing my own headaches nasty taste in my throat pressure in my head when i lay down ear feel full & clogged took a CT & MRI but all he wants to talk about is my BP ive never had high BP before until the headaches & the rest of these symptoms started can anybody relate??


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  • I have had headaches for 1 week straight and lasting 24/7 and went to the doctors yesterday and he straight away said it's tension headaches from anxiety, he didn't do any tests on me or anything so i feel like he might have got it wrong and he has given me antidepressant tablets to take and have been worrying about taking them because of the side effects, i still find it hard to believe anxiety can cause all these physical problems and are constantly there everyday

  • Everything to the dr's is a pill i say do your research on the medication before you take it & ive been having a headaches for 1 month & its has its good days & bad days i havnt been diagnosed with aniexty just stumpled on this site & reading everybody comments sounds like some of the same symptom i have

  • Yes i have done some research and mostly people say they have it for sleep problems becuause of pain. I told the doctor i don't have problems sleeping just i have this headache all day and everyday and he gave me them pills, I'm only a small dosage of 10mg so no harm in trying i guess but i worry is 10mg enough to stop this headache

  • Gloria i saw your private message but can't respond as it won't let me confirm my email address for some reason but i do sleep ok, about 6 hours normally but yes the headaches don't help, they last 24/7 for me and never give me a break, what about yours?

  • Mines are off & on sometimes its like lightning pain burning sensation last a few seconds & goes away

  • Have you been to the doctor yet if you did what did he say?

  • Yes monday again MRI. Was good plus CT scan also Dr saying stress

  • I told the doctor about my headaches and he didn't seem to want to do any tests on mine, not sure why as mine have been 9 days now and all day long 24/7

  • Do painkillers help the headache at all? I had a Headache24/7 for about 8 months straight and no painkillers helped it but then I found out that I have babesia which is related to Lyme disease and the most common symptom is a 24/7 headache which no pain relievers help

  • Pain killers don't seem to help and how painful was your headaches and did you have any other symptoms?

  • They were painful i havnt had 1 in a couple of days & no painpills word just the iv drugs at the hospital

  • It was fairly painful the first several months as I didn't know I had Babesia, on a scale of 1 - 10 it was probably around 5 most of the time....enough so that music and other nosies bothered it a lot. It has slowly been improving though. Once I did go to the Er before I knew and they gave me a migraine cocktail which only helped a little I have also had an MRI and Ct which showed nothing. As far ad other symptoms go I was extremely tired and my stomach would hurt sometimes.... you can look up a list of symptoms on Wikipedia :) have you had anything like a flu or cold recently because that is how it starts. But if not it could just be stress like your dr said. I just want to ask about your headache as it actually common for people to have babesia without ever knowing they have it.

  • I have had sweaty hands and feet before but i think is from anxiety and my head feels a little hot sometimes but my headaches are not so painful, i don't have to lay down or anything but they are just annoying, my shoulders and neck seem to be aching a little as well lately

  • I does sound like anxiety....your neck and shoulders aching are probably from tight muscles I've had the right/neck shoulders before . Rubbing them and putting a heating pad on them might help to losen the muscles that could be what's causing the headache

  • They didn't seem to be aching for the first week, just the headache but these last few days my neck and shoulders hurt a little

  • My neck , on the sides feel tight then it feels like the muscles in my neck is being stretched & i get this pinching like pain in my shoulders i put my heating pad on to relieve the tension do your shoulders on the top feels tight or hard like a knot??

  • I also am a victim of Lyme which has become cronic. Doctors tend to be dismissive of illnesses they can not remediate. Anxiety and Lyme

    Are two of these. large drug companies are making huge profits on prescribed medications that simply mask the symptoms.

  • Anxiety can run you ragger physically. It can cause everything from headaches to nausea. Aches and pains, digestive problems and immunity problems so dont doubt its wear and tear on the body.

  • Thank you

  • Thats how i"m feeling now from feeling like i"m in a dream state of mind to clogged ears & head to tingling down my arm its so many symptom till i cant name them all a new 1 everyday depressing 😯

  • Thats crazy that aniexty does all these things to you everyday its something new!! Now its the throat & neck& shoulders

  • I have bad physical symptoms from anxiety as well. Heart palpitations, headaches, dizziness, numbness in face and body, nausea, upset stomach, etc. the list goes on. The worst thing you can do is think about the symptoms. I noticed the more I think about them the worse they get. Like my heart palpitations, if I think about them all the time, I get them. If I think that I am dizzy, then the symptoms get worse. I still get these symptoms especially heart palpitations. It's tough not to think about them, but that's the best way to try and mitigate the symptoms. Hope this helps.

  • Yes that really helps, thank you and hope your feeling ok

  • The list can go on with these symptoms i notice that also when u try to fight it they get worse acknowledged them let it pass through u not think about it distract yourself

  • Bang on Gloria.

  • Huh?? Trying to see what is bang 😂😂

  • You are bang on...meaning you got it so right about acknowledging symptoms and letting them pass

  • Oh ok😂😂 i was making sure yeah its mental so thats the only approach i see helps

  • Hi im new to nd i need someone to vent to

  • Well i"m here to listen go ahead brandi

  • Well i been dealin with anxiety 4 awhile nw and i just want to stop. Ever since me and my ex broke up and its back i just want it to stop

  • Ik a break up can be hard & if you been dealing with aniexty then you already know the break up was going to send u off i hope you find a way to get through this & control your aniexty & not let it control u

  • Hi

    Your GP has highlighted your blood pressure, that will give you a lot of symptoms you have mentioned. I have them too. It is vital to get that sorted first, high or low blood pressure needs monitoring regularly, stress will affect it immensely and give you headaches, hopefully your GP will give you the relevant tests if needed and the results to give you peace of mind. Try to relax and trust him. I have been going to my GP a lot as I have depression and anxiety and i know that blood pressure is the first thing they do when I go in. I don't go so much now as I suffer with health anxiety, but I am managing it better and learning new ways to cope without going to him all the time

    Good luck x

  • Thank you for replying & your right it is good to make sure your BP is under control i guess being so frustrated i want him to answer other question for me i do notice when i take it @ home its always different than i take it at the Dr office i wish all us well this has been 1 of the hardest challenges i had to face

  • You are very welcome. Oh right I see, well the Gps are always rushed never have all the time you need with all the other patients waiting. What sort of questions do you want to ask him, or have asked him, does he avoid them or not have time. Is your Blood pressure higher or lower at home

  • Its lower i checked it today & it was 125/80 i tried telling when i get there i can literally feel my heart beating faster as soon as they put that cuff on me it reads 167/90 i wanted to ask him about sending me to see a ENT i go back monday & i will ask him everything cause i"m writting it down

  • Ah ok that's odd then. Did he not say anything about your reading, wether it was ok or not. He should do as you need to know what the normal range is. It sounds like your anxiety brings it right up, it is very different at home isnt it. Does he known you have a bp monitor at home

  • Yeah i told him once before he said i was looking at your BP from july of last yr until now it was 120 i didnt have aniexty & headaches in july either it just started in may of this yr so he gave me another bp medicine but i"m not taking it if i check my bp & its in the normal range it will drop my bp evern lower cause 125/80 is a normal range i started taking pics now so he will see it for his self monday the reading is different at home

  • I"m.more calmer at home than i am.once i get in the DR. Office i get extremly nervous dont know why i do. but he havnt told me i have aniexty guess bc he have been my Dr since 2013 & all he seen me for was my herniated disk in my neck & back & other stuff but never stress

  • Ok yeah good idea taking a picture, it is weird that you get 2 different readings though. I hope he gets to the bottom of it for you

  • I get very very nervous when its time for them to take my BP i can feel my heart pumping faster but when i"m.home i"m.more relaxed i feel my heart rate rising but not like it do at the Dr office never before did i have this problem until last month when the headaches started & all of the aniexty came from fear of something being medically wrong with me i never had headaches before

  • Right yes I can see the pattern. Bless you, it is tough for you as it begins a vicious cycle. If your BP is high in the Dr office then he will prescribe medication, but you know different. So if you can get your anxiety under control you won't have this nightmare. What is the reason for your GP visit. Is it just your headaches. The Dr must be thinking there is a link and worried that your BP is the cause of your headaches. I feel for you. Frustrating isn't it x

  • Yeah very frustrating my headaches have stopped i was going for a follow up for my MRI result & they always check your BP he put me on BP medicine but he saying i"m stressing over my move which is causing the headaches if i stop stressing my BP will go down

  • hi Gloria_carr, your experience are exactly the same with mine. when i go to clinic to have a check up, my BP is always high! (150/90 to 170/100) i dont know why i feel so nervous when i get there. my doctor always said i have hypertension, but when im relaxed(at home) my bp goes to normal again. i remember when i experience full blown panic attack, my parents brought me to ER and then the doctor said i have stage 2 hypertension. so he gave me medicine for highblood for 1 month and ask to go back and check again..

    but my ECG,Ultrasound, Xray, blood test are all normal.! so i went to ENT to check the cause of my dizziness and found out its because of my neck (wrong posture) a pressure causing the nerves to pinch.

  • Oh wow its good to know i"m not the only 1 experiencing this which is unfortunate for us i have a herniated disk in my neck wondering if thats the link to my headaches (which i havnt had thank God ) & my heavy feeling pressure in my head & neck

  • i told my doctor that im very nervous when they check my bp.and he told me that it's "white coat hypertension".

  • Yes u should to go ENT specialist to check if it is because of your neck,

  • Hopefully he will listen this time

  • White coat hypertension never heard of it

  • I search in the google: What is white coat hypertension?

    The term white coat hypertension may be used if you have high blood pressure readings (i.e. readings that are consistently 140/90mmHg or above) only when you are in a medical setting. Your blood pressure readings may be normal when they are taken at home.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to establish whether you actually have high blood pressure, or are just experiencing white coat hypertension

  • Yeah i googled that to it my bp been good i"m still taking pic to show him monday thanks for responding

  • Gloria_carr, it's good for the doctor to have a comparison of at home readings as well as in the office. It will help the chance of being put on b/p meds unnecessarily. Good idea. Good Luck Monday!

  • Awee thanks! Yeah i was sitting & thinking why not show him your readings at home

  • Definitely Gloria...It's amazing how b/p readings done in the doctor's office by the nurses is not always the way I would take it at home.

    Arm is hanging, feet dangling, sitting on the examining table, they pump it up and zoom down fairly fast.

    At home, I allow 10 min rest before taking my b/p. Both feet planted on the floor, sitting straight up in a chair with back supported, arm placed at heart level on the table in front of me. These requirements can make a big difference. x

  • Thats how i take mines exactly how i take mines i"ve been having a bit of trouble with the sun it gives me a slight headache then i feel like i"m in a dream for about 30minutes on top of that dry eyes so i"m feeling a little down😞

  • Sorry Gloria that you aren't feeling that well tonight. I actually prefer a rainy overcast day because the sun seems to bother my eyes as well. Also get the dry eyes and mouth. Hope your headache goes away soon. x

  • Thank you! Yeah a not so sunny day will be much better i got some eye drop gel from the eye dr will use it tonight thank you the headache gone i feel a little better mentally

  • I'm glad you are a little better. I too use eye drops whenever I feel my eyes so irritated and dry due to the heat, air conditioning and my b/p medicine. Stay well. x

  • Oh so the dry eyes came from your BP medicine? ? I wonder if thats where mines came from i didnt get dry eyes come to think of since ive started the bp meds for heart palpitations

  • That's when mine started about 4-5 years ago when I was put on b/p med. I take it in the early morning and within 20 minutes both my mouth and eyes get bone dry. Terrible...

  • Yeah i notice the dry mouth also i just started my bp meds about 3 months ago so how were your day??

  • I'm okay mentally but this dryness is constant..unless I'm eating or drinking something it is there. How are you right now?

  • Right now i feel depressed then my kids see it in my face & they snap me out of it my ear getting better my eyes a little irritated its just i"m not use to taking so much meds. Ear ,eyes pain med its been since 2006 when the herniated disk started bothering me it was a long yr of dr"s & med. Now i"m here again but with headaches aniexty ik i just gave you a life story & u just adked a simple (?) 😀

  • Gloria not to worry. That's why we are here on the forum. I've been fortunate since I've gotten off my benzos to feel like myself again. It's a great feeling. I chose to pass it forward by helping others with what I went through. x Anytime Gloria

  • Awee, thank u cant thank you enought!! I was telling my oldest daughter about you & how helpful u are!

  • Thanks Gloria...Well I think I will call it a night.

    Goodnight dear, sleep well. Say "hi" to your daughter for me x

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