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help with labrinthitus and aniexty

hi all,has anyone had labrinthitus with aniexty?please tell me is there anything good to do or take to help it improve,ive had all sorts of pills ect,been like this for 3 years ,feeling really low and cheesed off today,anyone please?

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I had a short bout of labarynthitis, and was prescribed something by m doctor. I cant rememeber what it was but apparently the travel sickness pill (Stugeron) is just as effective.


ok thks will give this a try


I was given anti sickness meds for it. You know what I reckon that the two are interrelated as I tend to get episodes when my body is beaten down and worn/anxious.

You say your GP has prescribed lots of things, have they been just for the anxiety or the Labarynthitis?



My anxiety actually started off after having Labrynthitis 10 years ago..I know how horrible it is. I still suffer from it now on and off and my balance has never been the same since. I have never really found anything that helps with this so would also be interested to know if anyone else has.

I do inhale olbas oil in hot steam once a week, I think this is more of a comfort thing for me though rather than a cure.


hi poppy45,yes my gp gave me,amtripteline for my labrithitus which is a antidepresent aswell this does help and i am still continuing using at the moment,i have also had,cyclezone,bucce ston,stemetil,some others which i cant remember the names these have all been for labrinthitus,for my aniexty ive had prozac,kalms,diazapam,amtripteline,but i think i am going to give the anti sickness pills a go,i wish this would all go away my life has never been the same since this all started 3 year ago


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