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Tightness in chest and aniexty

I am 48 and have suffered from aniexty and depression for the last 11 years. I had a breast reduction a year ago in may and my aniexty level has seem to have gotten worse. I have consulted the doctor and he said could be a result of the stuff they use to put me to sleep. I am on on wellbutrin 300 mg daily and oxyzepam only when needed and thats 30 mg. For the last week I have had a tightened feeling in my chest and of course everyone thinks the worst but no pain anywhere else so I believe its stress and that brings on the aniexty. Does anyone else ever feel this way. I have been up since 4 am waking up with this brought on the aniexty to and I have thought about that all day. I have also been in the washroom with loose bowels movements because I always think the worst. If anyone has input can you let me know. Thanks

From Ontario, Canada

I worry about everything

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Hi sherri :-) oh yes I know that feeling all too well it's currently just past 2am here in the uk I've not slept at all. I'm having burning chest pains, neck pains, pains across my shoulders, upset stomach etc....all started as I had pain in my right side of the chest....because I'd read somewhere a while ago women tend up get pain on the right side of their chest with heart attack...see explaining it out loud is like bwahahaha she's fine but at the time is very scary. I'm sure after a few days you'll find your way


I dont have the pains across my shoulders or arms just tightness in my chest and I seem to be alittle sore to the touch under my left rib cage...but of course everything you think about will add on to your aniexty so I try not to think about it but its always think heart attack...but all the symptoms i have lead to aniexty and I have been taking wellbutrin for over 10 years 300mg a day and oxyzepam for aniexty when needed and that helps


How are you feeling now.....I was up at 2:30 am with alittle aniexty I was sweating and my heart racing abit...I calm myself down and didnt think bad things and went back to sleep....My chest is still tight today but Im trying not to think about it


Hi sherri :-) I'm ok today....a lot of stress causing headaches so I'm trying not to think anything too know how it is you get some pain and start thinking bad things and the worst. Hope you sleep a little better today


Good to know I replied to the other message you left


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