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Aniexty has me very observative


Having Aniexty is a full time job today i was @ Dennys with my daughter & grandkids i couldnt fully engage in a conversation with my daughter bc i was mentally busy wondering had the salt & pepper shaker been cleaned it makes you notice every ache, every symptom even ppl walking down the street ive noticed more things in the last 2months.

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I truly agree. In this past 8 months I've been observative about every single feeling, ache, even things around me. Things I use to be able to brush off or ignore before don't stand a chance with my mentality now. And unfortunately life seems harder now. Today is yet another day my focusing on every little thing is winning. And almost ready to Google again. Just wanted to let you know I understand

Please dont google. icantbreath2016 no matter how bad you want to you "ve been down this road before so you know the out come just add it to the list of other new things you need to mentioned to your dr unless u need Emergency care!!

Yes! Google is not a friend!

You know what PTSD FOR YRS. I Never found out😂if the shakers were cleaned, i was a wreck, what you said just clicked in my head about deficit disorder see Aniexty is so new to me i was just flipping the menu over & over & wanted to jump up & run out of there the people wasnt bothering me it was just deciding what I wanted to eat & trying to focus on the menu all i wanted was a burger😂.so i started touching the butter knife to try & focus i need to slap my therapist for that it didnt work 😂 just kidding. But i think i need some form of medication nothing addictive i hope but its getting worse😟

Not so much with a butter knife but find something to distract me & get me back in focus u asking have i been diagnosed with what?? & that would be a scary situation for me as well to get in a car & drive after that but you made a big step to even get behind a wheel & drive!!

Well you not prying at all i feel on this site there is no secrets sort to say, but yes i was diagnosed a month ago but i stumbled across this site before that bc i thought i was going crazy! All of a sudden i had really bad headache & it took a month for me to get a MRI, so imagine waiting a month to know whats going on with your head the reason it took so long was very very unprofessional people @ the clinic i went to they never put the referral through to my insurance company & once they did i still had to run them down to check on it! It was torcher i was a mess lost weight but the MRI was good but the aftermath of waiting took me to a low level of aniexty tension headaches & etc.. U name it

With anxiety we tend to focus on ourselves more. It seems that instead of being fully engaged with the outside word we have more conversations internally with the Self. Anxiety makes us want to control more and more what is happening internally as well as how the 'world' is affecting us. So in a way, it's easy for anxiety to make us control freaks. Sometimes it's best to remind ourselves to let things be. Today is a salt shaker but tomorrow it may be something beyond your control. It's not easy for sure but doable. Mind can be retrained.

Yes i focus on everything & i hate it @ times not just every pain its outside it horrible!

It's amazing how you can become so focused, but not really process everything correctly or miss things that may be obvious to others. Like missing the forest for the trees.

Gloria_carr in reply to Super-

I focus on everything until my brain goes hey wire even on the tv i zero in on things in a movie ive seen hundreds of times & its annoying because i"m not paying attention to anything else on the movie😳

Super- in reply to Gloria_carr

Hyper focusing is exhausting. It doesn't allow you to just relax and observe. The brain is on full speed and usually focusing on the negatives. The only thing I can think of to stop it is Xanax or getting so tired you pass out. Otherwise it seems to always be on.

Gloria_carr in reply to Super-

You are so right u zoom in on the negative & not just negative you zoom in on all details well for me i do until i miss the bigger picture

Gloria, have you tried meditation?

Yes & no because as soon as i close my eyes & try & focus on my breathing my thoughts goes crazy & i give up

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