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Menopause and Aniexty

I will be 50 in August and for the last 3 weeks I've had a headache which of course follows aniexty because you think the worst. I went to the doctor last Friday and she said it was probably tension headaches. I have talked to acouple people about menopause and headaches with aniexty and I don't think I'm the only one. For the last couple of days I can't even take a relaxing shower because I get aniexty and I feel really light headed and have to get out. My head feels like I have a band around it and light headed. I just took one of my pills for aniexty names Oxyzepam. I don't like to take them because they are addictive. But sometimes I have no choice. My mind is constantly going and can't shut it off. I can't wait for the summer to get outside and do more stuff. Any suggestions would be great. I have another appointment with my family doctor this time on March 31 and I'm going to keep a day to day log so I can talk to him. The other Doctor I seen was filling in as he was away.

Thanks keep your head of everyone we are not the only people living with aniexty but I hate this feeling so bad


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Hey Sherrie

As someone who had anxiety previously I am 49 and went into surgical menopause in November 15 .

It is completely normal how you are feeling it is very scary - your hormone levels drop causing hormonal headaches and tension headaches . 

Lightheaded feeling / dizziness comes and goes as your body's receptors send signals for oestrogen and it's the progesterone that keeps you calm .

I never knew how many parts of the body those hormones control as I feel like I woke up in the ward and my body has fallen apart lol

There are lots of things you can do to help but a journal is a fab idea . Also some mindfulness ' calm app' helps me . Herbal teas , hot water bottle , Epsom salts etc 

Good luck ;-)


I was going to a Counceller but she said there was no need to see me anymore. She had a mindfulness group starting but was an hour away from me. And yes this is scary and think I have a Tumor or something stupid I'm now 5 days late with my period so that should tell me something right there lol. If the light headed feeling works go away and headache I works be fine but 3 weeks it's annoying 

Thanks I will look up some apps 




I started in the menopause several years ago and with mine came and I still get migraines 

It has nearly drove me mad but having had tests it is occurring due to the menopause and hormones fluctuating 

You can go on HRT which might help but because of having high blood pressure as well as other issues I cannot take this so not sure if it would cure or help my migraines but I have read and do believe some say it has and the best thing they went on 

You can get a blood test done at your Doctors which will give you a good indication what your hormone levels are up to and if and roughly how far into the menopause you are , I know this does not stop the headaches but it does help in a small way to know the reason why you are getting them 

I keep a dairy and can see a pattern when I am suffering with my migraines , again this does not stop them coming but helps reassure me that it has to be my hormones rather than anything else because they do follow an exact pattern and with anything sinister this is not usually the case 

Drinking plenty or water , getting enough sleep , eating well and exercising all help if you can as well as trying to stay as calm as you can ( not always easy I know ) when you get your headaches , I use these cooling strips which I put on my forehead and go and lie down till it passes again it does not stop it but takes that intensity you feel with them 

I would have a word with my own Doctor when they come back , get a definite that I am going through the menopause which is highly likely , discuss maybe HRT ? and take it from there but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with this , I had the odd migraine before the menopause but since I started in it well that has been another story but not one that when you do start talking to others is unusual for this to happen :-)

Take Care x  



It's a constant headache when I go to bed and wake up feels like a rubber band around my head. There are headaches related to aniexty with these symptoms. I'm going to start exercising again today. 


Yes the elastic band kind of headache sounds like a typical tension headache and nothing again you can do to make them go until you manage to relax , again plenty of water and cooling the forehead helps to release the tense muscles that causes this but your symptoms are not uncommon which I hope reassures you :-) x



I bought evening primrose oil talked with my pharmacist today also Epsom salts with eucalyptus in it smells wonderful going to have a bath tonight. Feel a lot better today not really light headed just the headache. Hope I don't get the aniexty tonight 

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