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Health Aniexty - taking me over !

Hey Everyone I'm back again. Had a good few months but it's back with vengeance! As the last few days I had a really bad soreness and pain in my lower back and abdomen but today there's a sharp stabbing pain beside my belly button when I bend over and move back up. I have had problems with my bowel/stomach and am awaiting a procedure to see if I have scar tissue growing but sure that cud be months. I'm so worried and scared in cause I pass out or have to go to hospital. I'm obsessed that I have a tumour or cancer on my ovaries and the Internet is not good especially when I'm on every site possible. I'm usually outgoing, love fashion and doing stuff around my house but this summers been awful I've no interest in going anywhere, wer the same dark clothes all the time and as for the house I just can't be bothered. I've had this as past three years obsessed with my health when will it stop :(

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Thank you , you sound similar to me I've been for the ultrasound as well and nothing now I for a lapsacopy (that's not spelt right). U know what is strange I was bad all morning then I had some painting to do and it went away but now I sitting doing nothing it's back again. The mind is a funny thing xx


I know these feelings your describing. I was doing so well but then I slipped accidentally. I used to enjoy my life and had so many hobbies. Absolutely cannot be bothered right now. Waiting part is the worst there's nothing you can do at the moment. I know it's easier to say but try not to think about the results, focus on something else, watch YouTube videos about fashion or house decorating. Hope you'll feel much better soon xxxx


Thank you it's nice not to be alone. I'm just not myself at all and I wonder are the pains I feel connected to this aniexty and not there. I've been for so many tests,ultra sounds and nothing found but there has to he something. I look so pale and usually I'm well coloured but when I'm like this I don't even eat or feel like it. I love getting to bed at night at least when u sleep you can't think about it xx


It is probably somehow connected. When we think about diseases we get them (like in that film called Secret!) I too love going to bed at nights I'd do anything to be able to sleep most time of the day. I google my symptoms too it's like an obsession, but it's no good. It's much better to go to GP. Keep reminding yourself that you are healthy think about being healthy visualize your health and this state of anxiety will be gone I think. I believe in you, be better than me xxxx



I did reply & havnt a clue where it has gone , but its not here , hope this one stays put !

I can relate to HA & I can control mine until I have to have something looked at or I believe they are missing something wrong with me & then mine can go into over drive again

I have read you have had tests , I no it is hard to believe when you have a fear but if they thought there was anything what so ever wrong they would have you in , more than their jobs would be worth not to !

I have had pains shoot through my belly button , so much is took my breath away & made me go ouch , I found its when indigestion has been trapped & it can hurt in the tops of my legs , but we never come up with a simple non life threatening answer do we when we have HA :-/

Please if I went on Google now with all my worries I no I would come of convinced I was a goner

All there is on there or all we focus on are the worse possible answers , come on here & talk instead :-)





Thanks everyone it's good to know I'm not the only one out there. Will keep posting and back to work tomorrow so plenty to do hopefully it will take my mind off it


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