Sharp pains in head!

Hi guys,

I'm really starting to panick here! I've just came on with this really bad headache, I've had head pressure most of the day (stressful day at work) but I've got home and I've got sharp stabbing pains in my head! It's REALLY painful and my head almost feels like it's burning.

I had an MRI scan in January of my brain because I thought I had a brain tumour and they didn't find anything... But this headache is really hurting and I'm scared :( painkillers haven't touched it 


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  • I have had this for the last two days too. I suffer with vertigo/migraines and the only thing I can do is sleep in a dark room , they make me vomit for hours and the throbbing is unbearable.

    It could be a tension headache, if youve had a stressful day at work then this probably would have contributed. When you are anxious/ wound up it can also trigger one. Have you thought about maybe getting your eyes tested too? Eye strain can also cause bad headaches. 

    Do you have a lot of caffeine in the day? 

    When I have a bad headache I make myself a cup of honey water, just a spoonful or two of honey mixed into warm water. I know it sounds vile to some people but it really works for me :). 

    If youre really worried though seek advice from your doctor just to put your mind at ease. Keep drinking plenty of water because you could be dehydrated too. 

    I hope you feel better soon, love and hugs xx

  • Aww Thankyou so much!

    I don't drink hot drinks, but I have had a stressful day. I just think it's all just got on top of me. Plus I'm due on my period too.

    I know I shouldn't look too much into things (it's my pet hate) I've had an MRI scan of my brain not so long ago so really I shouldn't be worrying should I 

  • Wow, not only a stressful day but your period due.  You need to find

    a quiet place to call your own for a few hours.  Hydrating is important

    plus maybe if  you can relax and unwind the pain pill would work for you.

    Been there, thinking of you and wishing that the pain goes away soon.

  • Thankyou :) x

  • Hey I have this too!! I went to the doctor about it.. It's called an ice pick headache! I get mine on the side of my head! Xx

  • Really? Thankyou! :)

  • Yeh the pains really scared me because they were so sharp I booked to see my doctor that day! you can get them in a few more places in your head! There not dangerous! I told her I thought I had a brain tumor and she gave me a little chuckle and told me it was ice pick headaches 😁 X

  • That's a relief! I had an MRI scan of my brain a few months ago because I was so scared of having a brain tumour. I need to just calm down! And stop thinking the worst all the time.

    Thanks for replying to me Jess :) x

  • Your welcome! It's nice to know people have the same symptoms as each other! Take some paracetamol you'll be fine 😘 X

  • I'm the same but I have light headed feeling like I have a rubber band around my head and have had a headache for 3 weeks now going back to the doctor on March 31. I seen a female last Friday who was taking over for my doctor and she said tension headaches and I hear they can last along time. I'm sure your fine we need to talk to ourselves and say this is crazy were fine and everything will be ok.....

  • I had a headache for 3 weeks and tightness like you have a rubber band around your head. Also light headed now for acouple weeks the doctor told me last Friday it's probably tension because I have been so stressed out lately. I have a hard time turning my brain off and relaxing I can't even take a shower without feeling lightheaded like I'm going to pass out. I know it's aniexty but still I hate the feeling. I'm going to keep a log as I made another app. With my doc on March 31. I'm also turning 50 and I think menopause is starting. Yuk lol...I take oxyzepam for aniexty but just when needed as it's addicting. Hope you feel better soon


  • Thanks everyone xx

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