Sharp Jabbing pains in the head

Has anyone ever had sharp jabbing pains in their head that can last the day or come back in a few days? Tylenol doesn't help. Of course the what ifs start....currently worrying about a brain tumor. It's been 3 weeks now since they started. I have heard of ice pick headaches but never had panic disorder is really starting to grab me.


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8 Replies

  • I was experiencing those about 4 days ago haven't had once since . But it was daily for about 2 weeks and I was scared I had a brain tumor . But I quit telling myself those negative thoughts and I haven't had any since ... they did suck though. It was like shoot volts of pain on your head . It's anxiety, so don't dwell on the what ifs .

  • thank you so much for your reply......I had them periodically here and there for 3 weeks....but today is the lst they have been constant. I truly hope this time :-) that it IS just my panic disorder....however never have I ever experienced this type of jab or sharp zap of electricity that continued this long. I appreciate that you responded.

  • Wow, I was just on the verge to post about me feeling a sharp pain in my head just now. It doesn't happen much but with my anxiety just that one time feeling it just made me panic a little and I was just going to make a post asking get the same question and there it was I read your post. But it's like each week it's something else different or new that grabs my anxiety attention. Yes I just experienced a sharp stab like pain in my head, the back part is where I felt it. It's was like a sensitive reaction to a beep sound in my house, I have a smoke alarm and lately with my anxiety as bad as it got, any little sound is sensative and it's too much in my ear and just a minute ago it was almost as if that beep sound went off in my ear the same time it brought on that sharp stab like pain in my head. Now I'm worried about it. Now I'm afraid thinking it's gonna continue. I'm basically anticipating it to come because I've already been getting dull mild headaches lately. So I was gonna ask the same. And on top of that feeling I also feel like my head is sore or like heavy, kinda like a feeling your head will hAve if it's pressure kind of like a head cold,or sinus in the head and it makes your head feel like pressure or heavy. That's the only way I can think to explain how my head feels. But I don't have a cold/flu or I don't have sinus problems. But my head just feels thus way. Ears were ringing since I woke up. Was trying to figure out if that goes hand in hand with head pressure. Now my anxiety has brought me to thinking brain tumor as well.

  • thank you for responding.......I've had these "jabs" like an ice pick on and off for several weeks, but they have just been here and there.....this morning I woke and it hit, and has stayed all day...for a while the top part of my head felt numb, the jabs are mainly in the left "inside" I have heard of and read about "ice pick headaches" and pray this could be the problem. Tylenol did nothing. I'm actually dreading to go to bed and what if it's still there in the morning? Do I go to the dr. or just hang on for a seems lately that it is one odd thing after another that I experience, of course it's never simply a one time issue.....I am so fed up with myself and angry yet I cannot seem to overcome (even with meds & therapy) this panic disorder....I do know if it continues and I go to the dr. it will be an MRI which would start the what ifs even more! Talk about being at war with yourself.....could the ringing in your ears be Tinnitus? Could you have vertigo? ...however that is extreme dizziness (I went through that and was diagnosed)....why do we always have to think "worse case cenerio??" There used to be periods in my life I was almost "normal" lol but NOT so this past year....lets hope we both are just over thinking.

  • Well I never even heard of tinnitus until reading others post on here from past. So I don't know what to associate the ringing with. And of course gping back to a gp would be pointless cuz all they do is say, oh you're fine. It's not this it's not that type stuff but yet haven't done all the test possible to rule out. Same thing with vertigo. Don't know if it could be that. I know I'm panic about it because I think of all the worse things.

  • Tinnitus is often described as a ringing or buzzing in the ears, often they send you to an ear/nose/throat doctor. I also think the worse case only possibilities when it comes to health. Our family dr. is good, but I do know what you mean about sometimes being too easily dismissed. Sometimes I specifically as for a test, or if it could be this or that. The worse part is when they run all kinds of tests, find nothing, and you still have the symptoms....I went through that a yr. ago Nov. my only saving grace was that they could see the weight loss however I still battle nausea sometimes on a daily bases....if one has been on a medication for many yrs. withdrawal is not always a piece of cake, or without side effects. Hang in there!

  • Yes I get it all the time I get pins needles and numbness in my head all the time the numbness can go for a day but been back the next day

  • hi, have you ever asked a dr. what causes them? Have you had this happening for a long time? Does it ever get difficult for your to function while having them and do you ever worry it could be something very serious? Thank you

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