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I've had head pressure for the past 3 months it is in my whole head, mainly around the temples face, and jaw. It isn't like a pain, I just feels like my brain is expanding in my skull and there isn't room for it, it goes in and out, when I first wake up I'm fine but as the day goes along it comes in, if am doing something like talking or focusing on something else it doesn't bother me but if I'm not it's bad. I also get a faint ringing in my ears with some dizziness, and I'm really shaky. I'm scared that there is something wrong with my head, like my brain is swelling, or a tumor or my brain is just going to stop working. I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 2 months ago and I am on 50mg of Zoloft. I don't know what to do anymore my mom keeps telling me I'm fine but I can't get the thought out of my head that I am going to die soon. Does anyone else feel like this?


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  • Yes I know what you mean,ive been having the same problem but mines just on the right side,which really scares me a lot.ive had anxiety all my life but these past couple of months has been really bad.it does seem to get a little bit better when I don't think about it which ive gotten were I can't stop thinking about it. It starts as soon as I get up,I start overthinking get confused and my heart starts pounding,it sucks especially how it starts as soon as I wake up which ruins my whole day.ive had 2 cat scans done of my head but both didnt show anything,I get relieved for a min and then I start over thinking again and think what if they missed something?it scared me so bad.so believe me I totally understand.I know its hard but try to keep your mind off of it.as I'm trying to do the same.hope this helps to know your not alone.I'll be praying for you.

  • Me too, I had panic attacks twice which drove me to er. Then the head pressure started. Its constant and its 2 months now

  • I have exactly this but instead of ringing ears it feels like they're blocked like on a plane. I really hate this symptom but I'm sure it's anxiety related because if I'm having a good day then I don't get it too badly.

  • Hi, can I just say that I have all your symptoms. My life is pretty stressful at the mo, and I am on medication for anxiety. The one thing that occurs everyday, for the past five weeks is a fuzzy and dizzy head. It's sometimes like a pressure cooker that bubbles up, then goes down again. It comes and goes thoughout the day. It is scary when it's really bad, I get unsteady and can't think straight. There is rarely any pain, just the odd twinge. My dr thinks it's anxiety, but it is so hard to think anxiety could cause this. It really is frightening, and annoying. Does anyone else understand ?

  • Hello, seems we really suffer the same thing. How are you doing? I'm dealing the pressure right niw , from the temple,eyes,face down to cheeks,... I'm pretty nervous everyday. And I had panic attacks twice which drove me to er.I'll be glad to hear from yoy

  • Hi did you find out what's causing your head pressure? I've had the same symptoms for 5 years. Had many tests done. I have several herniations in my spine and I also have an araknoid cyst in the posterior fossa of my brain, I have arthritis it causes a lot of inflammation in my spine, which is causing disturbance in spinal fluid flow. The neurologist doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, because I'm only getting the head pressure a couple times a week, then the next day I feel freaking fabulous... so I'm not done with all my appointments but this is so far.

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