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Freaking out to the point I could collapse 😣


I need some reassurance!!!

Yesterday at work, I came over really funny and it felt like someone was actually squeezing my head. I thought I was going to pass out, my eye sight went funny and I went grey! I didn't pass out. I was sent home

Today (like every other day) I'm still off balance and lightheaded. But I've got AWFUL head pressure!!! It feels like my head is too heavy to even hold up. I haven't got a headache, but I do have more of a dull ache with the pressure. In scary myself to death! What if yesterday I had a bleed on my brain and now it's just slowly killing me!

I had an MRI scan of my brain in January this year and everything came back fine. This isn't the first time I've had head pressure but it is the first time I've had it this strong and with nearly passing out yesterday. I'm so scared! 😥

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If you had an MRI that came back normal this year, then it is likely just anxiety and stress stirring up a mess.Those tests don't miss much, especially something like bleeding on the brain. Of course, I'm no expert so check with you Dr to be sure you're ok. But, I've had similar symptoms with my anxiety-I just have to accecpt them and keep moving.

Best of Luck!

Hi yes yes yes it's bloody anxiety and I'm so glad someone else has posted about head pressure . It's just horrible . About 3 weeks ago I was at work and all of a sudden felt strange , my vision went funny and I was as white as a ghost felt like passing out but the head pressure was terrible , felt like I had something fitted over my head and then a few days following felt like a band around my head, I get that band feeling a lot. The feeling is just yuck cause you honestly believe your head is going to burst . Hang in there your not alone 

JLou in reply to Jodz

I'm so glad I'm not alone with this! I went white as a sheet too, my head pressure has been really strong today because of it that's why I thought it could of been something more serious. Thankyou for sharing with me x

Jodz in reply to JLou

Just hang in there as it will ease off but might come back that's what it does to me . Keep me posted on how your going , all the best X 

The head pressure is more uncomfortable when I'm laying down 😔

I get the pressure All The Time!  It feels like it's going to explode & my temples spasm.  Sometimes I get drainage from my nose or ear, but usually just wish that would happen.  My doctors tell me it's tension headaches from inflammation in my neck, but I'm having a hard time believing that.

JLou in reply to loglegmomma

I saw a neurologist and he also said it was tension headaches and that you can have flare ups of them. It's the off balance I can't deal with, trying to just walk around the house is a struggle I feel like I'm going to fall over and I constantly feel sick. The head pressure goes down into my nose too!

mandyroxie in reply to JLou

I get the same feelings. I constantly have tension headaches to the point that the back of my head and neck hurt at times. I've been so dizzy lately too, it's scaring me. Do you do or take anything that helps you?

Ice packs on my neck help the most.  Sometimes heat helps. 

I refuse the anti-inflammatory meds my neurologist keeps pushing because they upset my stomach & make me dizzier.  

I have lidocaine patches or salon pas patches which do help some, but you can't use them with heat or ice packs.

I did collapsed. Just wrote about it. I am sorry you went through that. It is definitely scary

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