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Just to say hi

Hello, i have only just joined after suffering so long with terrible anxiety. I have a few health conditions, graves disease, crohn's disease and im 12 years in remission from breast cancer. I managed to pick myself up just about after it all but had lost so much confidence in myself. Last year i developed rosacea and became obsessed with my skin, i stopped going out and became so depressed and anxiety hit big. Iv lost almost 3 stone in 2 years, i just dont feel hungry, i have muscle pain, head and face pain, my body feels like its shutting down, i hate myself so much i feel old and ugly. Iv had xrays, scans, but my body hurts so much. Im awaiting a vit d test as im sure it will be low as i dont get any sun, i hate being like this, sorry for such a long post

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Hi Im sorry you are feeling so low it would be good if you has some support just someone to talk to and share, its hard i know as we end up living in out head, maybe getting some help as staying indoors all the time must be depressing in its self. I try and get out daily it lifts the spirits, i read and meditate to calm and distract the mind. There is an app called headspace its free, i have it on my phone, it just calms me down. I hope you get some relief soon, and start to move forward.


Hi there, thank you for your kind reply, finding this place has made me feel not so alone. I do have a loving husband who works and puts up with so much its very hard on him, he trys so hard but its put alot of pressure on our relaionship. I try to get out but its a nightmare of racing heart, sweating, i get dizzy, i end up rushing home in tears. I used to work and have a good social life but this has knocked me for six, my dr has put me on amitrptyline but its not helping. I also take sleeping tablets. Im also waiting for mri scan results as i convinced myself i have ms as i have developed a tremor, and tinitis, even when sitting down my heat races and i sweat, my body is tense all day, thank you for suggesting that app, i will give it a try. Im just so scared at moment, many thanks


I totally understand i have tinnitus too can drive you mad. I hope the scan results come back negative soon, so you can rest the mind a little, its good to share, sounds like the meds not helping much either, maybe when you're ready, you can go see the doc about trying something new. Here if you need a chat, all good wishes to you.


Thank you so much for your understanding, it can be such a lonely place feeling this way. Sorry you have this horrible tinitis too. Just dont want to get out of bed today, whats the point i say to myself. Yes hopefully my scan results will be in soon. And maybe try something else. Take care and thank you, i hope you are doing well and fighting this demon

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H pandora, thank you, i do need to take better care of myself


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