Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hi I'm new to this group , just found this place while I was having an anxiety attack, have had it for like 20 years in 40 now and it just doesn't get easier, each time I feel Iv managed to deal with a particular pain , some new symptom appears, I'm sick of it, it had totally controlled my life I just don't get it,, what a terrible way to introduce myself lol


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  • I'm battling same issue. It messes up my eating...

  • Hi there.

    You can come on this site regularly, it really helps just pouring out your feelings about your day etc.

    I hope you've managed to get your attack under control, anxiety is terrible but everyone here has different stories to tell and different advice to give and we know exactly how you feel.

    I am quite new myself but I can honestly say that reading some posts here help me realise that there are so many different types of anxiety and people are trying to live with all sorts of worries, It does help to know you're not alone in the fight against anxiety.

    All the best.

    Kind regards.


  • Thankyou Kim for your reply , it does help knowing others have similar problems and that your not going crazy , finally just talking about it finally with people who actually know what the hell IM talking about is a relief

  • Hi my name is Joe I have been dealing with these same feelings I see many of you talking about. I was 26 when my father passed away and had my first panic attack it was 1985 I am now 56 and still have anxiety issues, pains, heart racing, dizziness, all kinds of stomach pains. I've been to tons of Dr's and also to counseling for about 10 years. this really helped but you have to learn to keep pushing forward everyday. first If you are having any of these symptoms it is always best to see a Dr first and get the ok to push yourself. You have to fight everyday and it does get better. Also I would read lots of books on Anxiety these things do help. get around people that have been through Anxiety and panic it all helps time and research whatever you do never give in or give up. Tomorrow will always get better.

  • Thanks for that mesg, I have been to my doctors many many times and also other ones, Iv also tried counciling and also joined this one group for like 2 months , nothing has ever helped me :-( Iv had this over 20 years

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