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Over panic and thinking worst

Hello, I get so worked up about things when something happens bad but it can be solved I start to think really badly, I cry, I start to panic and shake really awkwardly and my boyfriend is really good with me but I need helping out or somebody can recommend anything I can do? I don't want any medication I just want help with out it. So please help me!

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Medication would only control it short term anyway. I'm like you in that I really get worked up when something bad happens whether real or anticipated. I know longer take antianxiety meds and have learned other ways to deal with stress. One of them is deep breathing, meditation/relaxation techniques and imagery. These take practice but do work. A pill may be a quick fix but these techniques can be done as many times as you need to without any symptoms. It can't hurt you. CBT therapy is also an option. I wish you well. The support of this forum is a great plus as well.


Thankyou for getting back to me. Over the years I try to do too much I want to get everything done and done lol, but I have to slow down other wise am going to send my body over the top! Thanks for getting back to me x

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Hi. I get a bit like that too. I suffered bad anxiety in the past & still occasionally. If something is wrong, my partner & I argue or one of the kids are ill for example, I'm a mess. Anxious & panicky. For me personally, I like to go upstairs and sit on my bed with my feet on the floor and head in my hands and just 5 mins of deep breathing to slow my heart and calm myself down. Just thought you could try it 😊

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Thanks for this really helped I haven't used this page for a while.. Been okay for a little bit because I've been up to date with things! And me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby and it's been year now and it's worrying me so badly -.- but that's life x but apart from that ive been good


Hi guys..i been suffering anxiety disorder seen 5years ago.I tried many kind of medicine but it just make you feel more worst .There is no medicine for anxiety and i don't want you guys to rely on them.Try to think more positive and laugh as much as you can.This is the best medicine.Even sometime a fake laugh also help.Follow this few step and you will sure back into good shape.

1)laugh out loud every morning.

2)Do whats make you happy.

3)Don't worry too much.


5)Take vitamin b(neurobion)

Its good for your nerves.

6)try stay away from gluten food.

This is what i do every day..wish you guys all the can find happiness within yourself.

Good luck!!

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I've been going yoga that's really helped and been going once a week x helped loads 


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