I really don't know what to do.. I feel such a mess.. I am really struggling with work.. I really don't like it and don't want to be there.. I'm suffering bad depression and anxiety and have had alot of thoughts about ending my life lately.. I don't have much responsibility in my life however I still feel I can't cope! It makes me feel like I'm a pathetic excuse of a human being and a waste of space. I feel like I have no purpose and that I'm no good to anyone. I've not been going to work and I haven't told my partner as I'm embarrassed and feel weak! Money is getting lower and I've not heard from jobs I've applied for. I just want a break from work but only get ssp! Is there any financial help I can get until I feel better?


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  • You're not alone! I hate being at work. I get myself so worked up that I convince myself I have to go home and once I get home I instantly feel better. But then I get worried that I'm missing out on money and what do my bosses think of me always being "sick"? I am on medication to help with my everyday anxieties that I'm dealing with and I hope once I find the right mixture that I can go back to work without worry. I know I will suffer with anxiety and maybe depression my whole life (it runs in the family) but I do have hope that one day soon I can have it under control and get off the meds. I also don't like to get into too much detail with my friends and family about my condition for the fear of being judged and thought less of. But you should find someone to talk to like a therapist. Best wishes!

  • Hey I understand how you feel its awful isnt it? Wish there was a magic cure

  • Yes I do wish there was a magic cure! But the crazy thing is that it's our minds playing these awful tricks with us telling our bodies to react in these ways. I know to us sufferers it feels very real and that possibly we could actually be going through other real health issues. It's important to find something that works for you. I'm still not there yet and I've been going through this for months.

  • I you feel my anxiety is bad and ive took today off because of it ! But i feel even worse now ...

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