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Overthinking thinking and thinking 🤔


Today I’m trying my hardest whilst out at work to push these negative thoughts from my mind.

What’s triggered it is a couple of months back on the odd night I’d wake like I’m was trying to catch my breath. Can’t recall any nightmare before it, do went to GP who has referred me to sleep clinic and that time has now come round.

Tomorrow I have to collect sleep monitors to wear overnight at home, and then go back on Thursday to take back and see the specialist. Worst case scenario sleep apnea? So why is my head telling me something equally more sinister.

Really hate challenging my head. And there’s nothing I can do to change this fact. Trying to turn the negative to a positive... if it is sleep apnea then I’ll know right? And possibly have a mask like Darth Vader to help.

Oh how my mind works. I feel a wimp, but I get so frightened of the unknown. 😏

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Equally terrified of the unknown! All that help sounds promising though :) I always get flare ups of anxiety/panic where my heart beats fast/breathing, hot flushes and that dreaded feeling in my chest. The anticipation, the worry etc can be the worst. I try to think of contingency plans to try and lower my anxiety which helps a bit xx

Thanks hun. I just think I need to keep myself busy. It’s like you say the anticipation of what or why. But I can’t change the outcome so will just try to go with the flow xx

Yeah definitely. Keeping yourself busy is good! Xx hopefully will be better soon enough

Hey Sunshine I hope that you are managing ok... the unknown is that it is in your mind and not physical. You can beat these thoughts and self worries. X

Thank you Matt! It is exactly that the unknown. But going to keep busy and what will be will be. Don’t think anyone’s really fond of hospitals. However they can’t be avoided. And I know that in the line of work I do. Hope you’re ok x

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