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Hello everyone, my name is Paul and I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for about thirty years know. I've been on and off meds but the only one that has helped me so far is Xanax. I don't like taking meds but if that is the only way I can function in the outside world well so be it. I would love to hear from lots of you on how you all feel and what you feel. I was diag with this when I was twenty years old. Never have been able to get off the meds I started from!!!!!


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  • Hi , welcome. I too have been on mess for years ( only a low dose now) as I said to the dr I'd rather be on mess and feel 90% than off them and feel 10% ! Life goes on and we have to make the best of our lot. I hope you get lots of support from this site, I've found it good. Take care .

  • Hi! I have had really bad anxiety for about 5 years now. I've been put on antidepressant but talked to my dr about them not working & not wanting to take meds. So I've been seeing a therapist & it has help. Everyone is different I know our symptoms can be similar but when my anxiety acts up I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack & something really bad is going to happen sense of danger. I start to get many symptoms ranging from heart palpations to dizziness, shaking, nervous, shortness of breath it sucks I can go on with a list. I have to try & relax which is very hard cause of all my thinking but try to do some breathing techniques to calm me down. Take care!

  • I like Xanax but my doctor won't prescribe them, he says they are addictive :(

  • Hi Godlyman. I started with anxiety issues in my 20's as well. For 30something years I was prescribed 1/2 of the smallest dose of Xanax. I took it faithfully everyday until towards the end of those 30 years that 1/2 pill no longer worked, raised to the whole smallest dosage. I was told I had become dependant. I felt like an addict wringing my hands, pacing, scared to death all the time. After hospitalization where they threw different types of anxiety meds at me, in different dosages as well as antidepressants,

    I just slept away my life and when I was awake lived in a fuzzy world. For me, enough was enough, I went through an intense withdrawal from benzos from home. It took 2 years weaning slowly. It was hell. I am now 489 days w/o any antianxiety meds. Oh I am not cured completely, but my mind has never felt so good. I've been agoraphobic for the last 6 yrs but am doing a little better in conquering that. No more panic attacks, anxiety is there at times but so lessened in intensity. I've missed so much in my life even when I was on medication that I wanted to see what it is like to be set free of mind controlling drugs. I feel if I didn't live in an extremely stressed life situation, I would be close to 100% stable. The immense daily stress causes a lit flame under my anxiety, but I am working on it with different methods to address the issue.

    My best to you, after all, life is for the living no matter what we need to do.

  • I would love to be off the drugs !!!!!! I can't imagine anything better than that! Do you have a doctor or councilor as guided help?

  • I have a therapist who does phone sessions with me over the years.

    Before that I have done everything from Relaxation, Meditation, Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Imagery, Grounding etc. It's like having gone

    for a degree in anxiety. The last part was getting off the benzos.

    I can't believe what a difference it makes. The drug was actually causing my symptoms to be worse. How could that possibly be?

    My brain needed to heal from the years of taking Xanax, Ativan etc.

    Before starting to go off the benzos, I went to an Addiction Meeting that met once a week. In there were people of all ages as well as

    those on prescription drugs, street drugs and addiction to caffeine.

    As they introduced themselves each would say Hello my name is>>>>

    I am an addict. When they came to me, I refused to say I was an addict. I was told I could say "I am dependent on the drug".

    The biggest thing I learned from that group was the confidence and push I needed to start the weaning process. They all told me how great I would feel once off the meds. It was the truth. What I didn't

    realize is how scary and hard it was in going through the withdrawal, even at a slow pace. But it's behind me now...I wish for you to feel well, no matter how you go about it. We all have choices. Good Luck.

  • Thank you very much and blessings to you always my friend

  • I use my referral service from my bcbs , I have to drive one hundred plus miles once a week to see a psychiatrist it helps but I'm still on this garbage of meds. I have cut down slowly on my own but never seem to get completely off it! I will post in a few months the verdict they come out with. Not sure at this time.

  • Hi. This could be my post,I have anxiety for nearly 30 years too,and take xanax to get through the day,I feel lightheaded,anxiety 24/7, short memory,head fog.tingly feet,blurred vision, and I also have agoraphobia..0.5mg of xanax usually gets rid of these feelings, for about 5 hours,then I take another one. like you. I.m not bothered about taking them..but I must tell you that recently I started taking liquid magnesium.and I feel calmer already,worth a try I think...take care love Miarose xx

  • I'll look into this I've herd this before but never tried it my worst however is always at night right before I fall asleep it feels like I'm drowning and I wake up fast and can't get back to sleep

  • I've heard people talk about the magnesium pills I've never tried but hope to in the near future

  • Where did you find the liquid magnesium my friend. I've never seen that before?? I do however take a pill form 250 mgs   morning and night.

  • Found it in Holland and Barretts..I would say the pill form might be better though..what brand do you take..?

  • Spring valley natural is the brand

  • Thank you for your prompt reply..I will try these..the liquid form entered my system too quick .one night I took it, and I actually found it going straight from my stomach to my head..it was a weird feeling..I only had it in me 5 minutes..had to ly down and sleep. think I would like it to work more gradual..xx

  • Mine do break down in the system, they usually take five to six hours.  Was tested at doctors office a few years back

  • I can relate so much to this post been suffering for over 20 years now been on meds for 11 yrs now never been we to function with our them now. I've tried every antidepressant/anti anxiety med under the moon except for Xanax The only one to anti depressant to help has been Celexa and for my panic attacks and daily anxiety has been Lorazapam but they don't give it to me anymore. So I struggle every day, I don't like meds but if I have to take them to function, be stable and move foward in life...so be it too!

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