hello everyone;/

Hello how is everyone doing? Uhh im not doing to well, scared to death to know whats wrong with me. I have my MRI Monday and Im scared if I have a brain anuryusm or Brain tumor. I was suppose to have the scan done 2 months ago but was to scared too!! My anxiety is really high right now, I hate when I cant seem to calm down. My fear of knowing something is wrong is that I wont be able to see my little ones grow. Im scared it wont be fixable and I have been putting this off since March. I feel like a bigger POC because I should have done this and whatever is wrong with me that could have been fixed months ago. I cant seem to fight this anymore. Im so sick of being scarred I wanna be able to live my life, be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, and person to my self. Im so scared. Is there anyone out there thats had an MRI and had bad test results or good ones? How can I ease my mind? How can I push myself to go?Ive had 2 CT SCANS and they showed nothing, but ER doctor last night said I need MRI right away. I need some advice please,


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  • Hello

    I know how you feel I am exactly the same ...fear something is medically wrong but to scared to have tests in case there is something wrong yet like you say by not having the tests it creates anxiety & we live in fear

    Try telling yourself that firstly you have had 2 scans done that came back fine & by doing this one will make it that once & for all you will know that everything is fine & no matter what you will then be able to let go of that fear & start enjoying life

    Also & this is only a small maybe but to have this done if they did find anything they will be able to put it right then you can still move forward & start to enjoy life and your family so either way you will win :-)

    Please let us know how it all goes , let them know how anxious you are & I am sure they will support you

    Good Luck x

  • Meg, Good luck and keep us posted, Anxiety sux.

  • If you had something that badly wrong with your brain you wouldn't be here two months later. It's bad anxiety symptoms you are experiencing dear. I've been there thought like that and it's awful. You aren't dying you are ok. I had head scans done etc but it was just reassurance that it wasn't something serious and that it is just bad anxiety. It's unreal the symptoms they can be very scary. You are caught in the cycle you get something wrong with you and you think your dying or something bad is wrong with you. If you get the symptoms you obviously go straight to panic mode it seems. You need to go get the scans so you can see that you are ok and it will help you massively and might just take that fear away and give you a bit better quality of life again

  • Hey there. I'm more then sure there's nothing wrong! It's just your anxiety getting the best of you. If you had something seriously wrong, you'd be displaying some serious symptoms and you're not. I promise you this is all anxiety wrecking havoc on your brain! Xoxo

  • I feel you, try not to overthink so hard and tell yourself that the fear is just your over anxious mind creating scenarios that don't exist. I hope all is fine,

    Keep your head up (:

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