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Hello everyone!!!!!

Hi everyone, this is my first time doing this. I hate talking about my self but I'm to a point that I need help!!!!! And by saying I need help is chatting with people that's going through they same or similar anxiety I'm 41 years old had this problem about 1yr and so, my vision is getting bad I can't walk straight sometimes I trip for no reason and on top of that I'm pre diabetes. If you all have any suggestion on what's helping y'all please share thanks in advance all I need is support and encourage......

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hi Roxsy, welcome :) this is a supportive, friendly group. it can sometimes be a bit quiet, but keep checking in.

many find mindfullness helps. Does your gp know? have you had any counselling?




Thanks, hamble99b

No I haven't been back to the doctor to get treated I have so much in my plate to deal with my own issues, but I'm to a point that I will have to go.

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I have similar symptoms. Unsteady on my feet. Vision affected, too. It's all connected, related to muscle tension in back, shoulders, neck etc. Affects balance mechanism. I've just responded to another post saying same things. Scanning the body for tension and releasing it seems to help. Losing the fear. I also have diabetic issues, and I do think it has a bearing on the release of adrenaline and therefore fight or flight response. I try not to go without eating for too long. Understanding that it's body chemistry at work, and not dangerous, helps to reassure and keep anxiety to a minimum.


Thanks I thought I was going crazy or something like that, dose anxiety goes away or is it permanently do you know?


I had anxiety first time in my teens. I had many years free of it but it has flared again after a good deal of stressful situations arising, which I could have handled better. If your prone to unhealthy thought processes it will possibly give you problems. Learning to manage stress and daily life in a better way, I feel, is the way to better mental health. Many people have recovered.


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