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Hello to Everyone

At long last i have managed to get back to where i was helped the most. This site and the kind people here encouraged me to try and make progress when i thought i had thrown the towel in and given up. I still get good days and bad but determined that noway is this Panic\Anxiety going to keep me from living a normal life i refuse to accept that i cannot get back on the ladder.

I am saying this to encourage each and everyone of you because at the end of the day its fight or flight and i want to encourage people here that you can get back to where you once was with help understanding and support.

I had trouble leaving my home for months and unable to go to work which angered me. I am on meds and its helped and i know everyone can make small steps with support care and love. I just want to give something back to the group that gave me to be able to leave the house go back work and conquer my fears of so many issues i had and sometimes still struggle with.

Just would like to say anyone ever fancys a chat i am here not saying i have the magic cures but sometimes a listening ear can help.

Hope everyone has a peaceful nights sleep

God Bless

Love Seyi xxx

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Hi Seyi,

Lovely to hear from you and that you're doing ok.



Hi Lizard

Nice to hear from you.

Hope all is well with you.


Love Seyi X


Hello Seyi.

How nice to hear from you again, I am so pleased to hear you are in a much better place now,and back to work.I am sure that people reading your post will find encouragement from your warm words and hope you continue to progress in you recovery.



hello Kenny

Thank you kindly for your post it is always lovely to hear from people on here.

This site gave me so much hope and inspiration and i sincerely thank each and every person that walked that journey with me.

I hope i can help listen and understand people who are struggling as its a dark place and people making a recovery should show some light.

Keep well

Love Seyi xxx


hi seyi, lovely post, so positive, you have worked so hard to get there, and it shows that we can beat our demons by facing them head on, keep posting your great words of encouragement, love jasper xx


Hello Jasper

Thank you kindly for your lovely words.

Helping each other helps the road to recovery

Love Seyi xxx


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