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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone. Hope you are all getting some relief from your anxiety even if it's only five minutes. I haven't been around for a while, for those that know, I've given up on my EMDR, it wasn't helping. My anxiety has naturally subsided quite a bit, I'm still having the odd panic like yesterday on the train (after I'd had such a good day) I was having heart palpitations like never before but I've stopped fighting, fighting is more tiring than just going with it. Having a heart attack on the train wouldn't be my ideal choice of places but I'm pretty sure it's not up to me if/when/where so if I can't affect it I'm not going to bother fighting it.

Happy fighting if that's what gets you through the day otherwise keep going with it, it does lessen and never give up believing.

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Hi Hollow! How nice to hear from you! I hope you don't mind but what is EMDR? I keep coming across all these initials in so many posts and would so appreciate it if I knew what they meant. I often get halfway through a letter and am stuck scratching my head lol . Sorry for being a PITA ( pain in the a**e ) but they do stump me. I am going your way with the fighting , I've cut it out too. It does wear you out so much and haven't got the energy to waste. Oh those darned palpitations drive me crackers, they disturb every meal, every soap program I want to get lost in. No Hollow , can't stop believing, it's the right way to go

So glad you are back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi ellabella, thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing it's a form therapy that has you look at a disturbing memory and through either watching a light or the therapists finger moving side to side or by them tapping your hands (think metronome) then the more you do it, you change the painful intensity of the memory and therfore it no longer creates the anxiety. I've prob not done it justice in my explanation! It is used for people who have suffered trauma and/or have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The heart palps are a new one for me I'm trying to convince myself it's my anxiety trying a new tactic as I've been doing very well lately or it's one last donkey kick as it knows I'm winning...... x

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Hi hollow. Yes, absolutely right. Give up the STRUGGLE. There are certain words that are not conducive to recovery, in fact they can set you back. i.e.

FIGHT, OVERCOME, DEFEAT, GET RID OF, AVOID, STRUGGLE together with ' NO WAY OUT', 'never get well again' and so on. You stopped fighting!! There may not be any immediate effect (but in your case this seems to have begun) but I think you have begun the climb up. By stopping fighting you conserve valuable energy. You are 'FACING' your memories and are coming to terms with them. They will still be there for a while and may still be painful OK, so let them. They are only memories however painful. They can do you no harm. We all have them but they do go as we get better and just become thoughts that we can choose to look at or not. The dreaded 'Palps'. (I assume you have had the OK from your GP). You have certainly come a long way if you can accept them as you obviously are. My goodness, it took me ages to come to terms with that particular miserable business! They are completely harmless and, as Dr. Weekes says, if we could see the strength of our heart muscle we would stop worrying If I may say so a very helpful and positive blog. Good luck and blessings. jonathan.

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Thanks Jonathan. I feel like I've given up but not given up on myself if you get me. I've also given up on thinking it's a long road or any road it's just journey (without sounding cheesy).

Thank you Hollow, well that is a new one to me! I vaguely remember someone on television doing "tapping". I think it was a hypnotist that was trying to cure someone of a fear maybe? They facinate me! I wouldn't mind having that done. As for palpitations, I have got so used to them now I would feel strange without them. I wonder what else I have got used to LOL. For all I care I may be walking around twitching and skipping......not that there is anything wrong with that! I had better add.....

It never ceases to amaze me what anxiety sends to scare us next!!! Hope the palps are the last donkey kick!I also hope that as bad memories fade they cease their grip on us all.xxxx

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hollow in reply to ellabella

Hi EB I'm not sure I'm brave enough to be hypnotised x

Hi Hollow, i was wondering where did you disappear, if it is only cz you get better i just wish you the best. please pass by from time to time to say hi and keep us of your progress. well i am not sure what is my state, sometimes i am okish and sometimes i wonder what is going on, anxiety seems always in the background and i wish i just can wake up one day and not think about it, every morning waking up my mind start thinking about anxiety, while walking to the train station, my mind just can't stop thinking about it. but i am working and managed to spend half a day with some friends, although at the same time i was thinking that i am not breathing properly and feeling a bit out of order, but managed to enjoy my time at the same time.

missing u around here



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hollow in reply to rouri

Hi rouri nice to hear from you, I have been feeling a lot better recently. I've been keeping an eye on the posts tho, lot of new people with lots of good advice/support so I've not been leaving any comments. We sound like we might be in the same place the anxiety hasn't gone away still ticks along in the background, I'm just dealing with it in a different manner. Like you my mind whirs as I'm walking to the train station, I figure it's just going into overload as my day is about to begin (and I had a big prob with trains in the beginning). Good to hear you are getting out and enjoying yourself I've been doing my fair share of that, well not much but a lot more than I was doing :) Convinced one day I shall wake up and it will be gone and when I think about it I will realise it's been gone for some weeks.

Virtual anxious hug x

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rouri in reply to hollow

thx dear, went for few hours now to a new charity that i joined and it made be a bit upset, too many people that needs help!! please keep me up to date with your news and progress, are you taking any meds at the moment? if you have any advice that worked for you i would appreciate if you share it :)


rouri xx

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hollow in reply to rouri

Hi rouri, I've just been trying to accept my anxiety as it happens such as the panics, just going with them, sometimes it doesn't work but I feel that something is changing inside me. It definitely feels less pronounced, can't say it's gone or going I just don't feel it as often or for as long.

The anxiety is coming from within so I believe the 'cure' has to come from within and from me with perhaps a bit of guidance. I started reading Dr Claire Weekes Self Help for Your Nerves, she seems to hit the nail on the head with what she says, stop fighting and accept essentially and allow time.

Oh no I won't take meds unless in an absolute emergency, I don't have any phobia towards them just a unhealthy mistrust of them :) Seriously I just don't like taking medication so if I don't have to I won't.

How has your work been? not as upsetting I hope.

hug x

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rouri in reply to hollow

good to hear you are managing your anxiety, very happy for you. i try to do the same but symptoms makes me go backwards. i don't take any meds as well, i did some research about Motherwort so i might buy it, am just researching it a bit more.

i did buy The Linden Method and the man who wrote it had anxiety and the way he talk about it is the same, go with it and let it do its worst, still not cured. by thx God for everything some people are worst. sometimes anxiety upsets me much that makes me cry and then i pick up myself and do it all over again.

my job is good thx God, the only problem is transport, bus/train/underground every day, morning and evening making me tired and too many people that makes me annoyed, talking loudly/loud music/laughing just too much sometimes, people have no respect for others at all, you know sometimes women walking with high heels makes me cringe, high heels worn out and should be fixed, i like to wear heels but not while going to work, trainers are my best friend nowadays.

keep in touch, not sure if Dr Weekes is much better that all the other books i read.

please take good care of yourself.

hugs xx

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hollow in reply to rouri

I hate noise, I have amazingly sensitive hearing I can be bothered by noises that people who are sat with me don't even hear. No not hallucinations :)

I carry headphones everywhere if I can so I can disappear into music I want to listen to and not inane conversations or listening to people who play their music through their phone speakers on the bus/train. What is wrong with these people!

big hug x

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