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Panic attack out of nowhere

So I've had anxiety pretty much my whole life,after I had my second child in July it got extremely bad for a couple months,couldn't drive,couldn't be by myself,just non stop worry them I started taking 20 mg celexa and then eventually bumped it up to 30 mg plus I take a piece of a klonopin when needed.well my anxiety was gone for nearly 3 or 4 weeks and then out of no where yesterday I was in the shower and my whole body went numb started sweating and felt like I was gonna pass out my chest was tight,heart was racing so I yelled for my cousin to come in there Bc I thought for sure that I was dying I kept pacing the floors and took a klonopin body felt numb after the klonopin kicked n I was okay.woke up this morning and was on my way to the bathroom and felt dizzy it went away so I went on to the bathroom and then my hands felt like they were numb again so I took a klonopin before the anxiety attack went full blown.has anyone ever felt like this?or is there something wrong with me?

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Man let me tell youuuu i get the same freaking way! Ahhh i yell for whoever is around me when i get a full blown attack my hands actually get really really sweaty and i get this Faint like feeling when i go into an attavk especially those that creep out of nowhere. I always yell for my husband and i start to cry hysterically its so scary you feel like thats it your going to die for sure i hate that feeling I hate it so much!!!! Then you cant stop thinking about it because you get acared you might have another one ugh those are the worst. Your not alone.

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Yea I haven't stopped thinking about it since it happened scared it's gonna happen again or something worse.my meds just don't seem to be helping too much and I can't get into the doctor for a while so guess I'm just gonna have to suffer through it.i wouldn't wish this feeling upon anyone.it sucks so bad having to deal with it on a daily.

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