Anxiety and zoloft

Hello every one, this is my second post my first one was after I had a cardiac ablation done and I was terrified of the unknown and I was feeling rather dizzy after it but that all went away and was due to Aspirin believe it or not but everyone on here was telling me aspirin didn't do such thing but once I got off it I was completely fine.. unless I made myself think it all along any way my point on this post now is that I have been taking Zoloft for quite some time now I started on 50mg and then went up to 75 now which is a pill and a half of Zoloft I went out to dinner on V day with my girlfriend and decided to have a beer.. before dinner I couldn't decide whether it was a good idea or bad so I Google it and wanted to see if anything bad would happen.. grant it on other medication such as Lexapro I drank occasionally and was fine.. but this time Its with a new pill and I must have over thought it but I had ONE BEER a budweiser if you must know and I felt okay but I can tell you I did seem like I drank two beers though (due to the pill I understand that) I was okay with this I knew it was gonna feel like that but this was yesterday I drank it and today I felt very anxious not to mention I stayed up quite late because I was worried and binge watching anime while my girlfriend slept beside me I had to wake up early to drive her back home that was around 6am I believe I went to sleep around 3 am I haven't slept since the time I drove her home but I haven't been able to ease this anxiety but all it is is just anxiety so far no panic attacks have occurred but I feel as though it will strike any time and that might be what's making me anxious which is also THE UNKNOWN.. I have been suffering from anxiety for almost 5 years now and I only just started realizing my problem but can never truly face it since I gave control over my life to anxiety for so long I can't face it because any time I begin to feel panicky I run away (mostly going to unknown areas such as new towns or new stores ) please help.. am I just over thinking things I mean for heavens sake it was one beer.. I did at the last second chugg it once I was done.. but that was due to not looking like a chump not being able to finish one beer after regretting my choice of oderin it so I downed it within seconds and then left to go home and that's where I stand today is it just a hang over x4? Or is it something worse or is it just lack of sleep or am I just over thinking?


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  • It very much sounds like over thinking and lack of sleep. I don't drink so I can't really comment on the effects of alcohol with antiD's but please try not to worry so much ☺️

  • I think it was a little of both thanks for the ease of mind though

  • Drinking with anxiety is generally a bad idea because it's the day after that anxiety is 10 times worse due to the alcohol. Some people are not affected at all, some not all the time get affected and others suffer whenever they sniff alcohol.

    Not sure if it's very scientific or not but I think it's due to the mind set when you drink. If you are anxious when drinking you are gonna be on high alert waiting for a problem.I've not tried it out or seen if there's a study been done just my theory. Try doing stuff you would usually enjoy to really distract yourself and see if it helps it x

  • Yeah I woke up feeling great so I think it was just the alert thing you mentioned but I am fine I slept well all is good today anxiety went down to normal thanks for the reply should I risk pot now? I love mj and it helped before I even started SSRIS but I tweaked one night and that's the reason I got on this crap ( my buddy killed himself and I was stoned out of my mind when I found out

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