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Clonazapam and Zoloft. Post partum anxiety

Hi everyone. I am new to this support group. I have anxiety but on the most part I am able to manage it. However it appears that each time I have given birth my anxiety levels go through the roof and I need to go on medication. I have two beautiful daughters and the most recent one was born 3 months ago.

I have three questions:

1. Has anyone else ever experienced post partum anxiety?

2. The doctor put me on Zoloft. I was on 25mg for one week 50mg for another and now I am on 75 mg. Next week I'll be on 100 mg. I've seen a little increase in my anxiety at times. Just wondering if anyone has had positive experiences with Zoloft and how long it took to feel well?

3. I'm currently on .5mg of clonazapam to help me sleep at night. This will be short term until Zoloft starts to work. I am very hesitant to be taking a benzo due to tolerance levels and withdrawals. Can anyone give me some feedback re being on this medication short term?

Thank you so much

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Hi I don't know anything about medication, sorry but defiantly after having a baby can send your anxiety through the roof , the same as PMT causes it as well.. It should settle down once your body goes back to normal .


Thank you for the response. I found it odd that after both pregnancies after 2 months exactly my anxiety went very high.


I suppose it can hit at anytime really I felt it more in my pregnancys but not as bad after , just depends!! Good luck with the medication hope it helps you :-)


I've been on .25mg of clonazapam 2x a day for over 10 years and though it really doesn't do much for my anxiety (maby takes the edge off) it has helped with my migraines. I can't speak for others but my tolerance levels have not increased. Just like any other med that plays with your brain chemistry . When the time comes to stop taking you have to ween your self slowly.


Thanks for the reply. I did not know that the medication was also used for migraines.


It was kinda a fluke when we found it worked. Now Clonazepam is commonly used for Refractory Headache in some countries.


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