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Zoloft update / health anxiety


My post failed to update earlier!

So, I’m still tapering off Zoloft. Didn’t have to take it yesterday evening. Tonight, I will.

I feel less foggy today compared to Sunday but my goooooood, am I tired. So sleepy! I’m still a bit foggy and feel off and my memory feels bad, but I relaxed, showered, chilled. Had a bit of anxiety (a train of what ifs flew in) but I talked to some great people who helped me. It took me a while to remember if I took my vitamins.

Dreams were soooo vivid again last night. It’s insane how I’ll dream of people I haven’t thought of in ages who had huge impacts on me, or just people associated with anxiety. I slept a lot. But I woke up this morning at 6am briefly to my boyfriend telling me things he loves about me. He’s so so nice to me!! My heart feels really warm again, and every time I feel anxious, I think of the summer, good memories, him. I couldn’t think of anything but anxiety for over a month so tapering off and working on my CBT has been helpful.

I’m just nervous this odd feeling from Zoloft will never go away!!! I’m trying not to focus on it.

Therapist assured me again last night that I’m not in psychosis or schizophrenic. A friend in health care assured me I’m not epileptic and to trust my neurologist! Health anxiety can be nutty. I’m reaaaaally trying. I cried in therapy for the second time and he had my do breathing exercises. I’m terrified of losing control!

Here’s me and my boyfriend :-) cheers!

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What a striking couple x Unicornsrule, you are doing very well. It takes time for the

brain to adjust as the dosage is lowered. Once you are completely off the medication,

your brain will heal to the point where it will produce it's own chemicals. You will

eventually have the "aha" moment that I did when having gotten off my med.

Believe in that and look forward to it. You will once again be clear headed and feel

in control of your life. Wishing you well. You've got this :) xx

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Awww thank you!!

I hope so. How long do you think it’ll take? Thanks so much for your reassurance. I’ve been finding myself getting jealous and angry randomly and I hate it.. also anxious.

Agora1 in reply to Hidden

Each one of us is different in how long it may take according to the dose you were

on as well as the length of time. Right now your brain is fighting with itself like a

2y.o. having a tantrum. :) Once it readjusts in not getting it's way, your body will

start producing the chemicals needed to keep you stable. Always important to

work with your doctor during this weaning process and afterwards for a while.

It's going to be okay. :) xx

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Thanks soooo much. I was told I could stop after two weeks but didn’t trust that opinion! So I did a slow taper. It’ll be 4 weeks in total! I hope I’m 100% soon ugh!!

Agora1 in reply to Hidden

Unicorn, slow taper is the safe and best way to go. The thing is never going

back up on the dose. Seeing that weaned dose through will get you there. xx

How are you doing now Unicornsrule??? I am tapering off zoloft too...one month today zoloft free...my head feels floaty and weird.

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Omg I’m the same way!!!!!! Floaty, weird, forgetful? I hope it passes ugh. I’m 3 weeks off and still feeling it. Mood swings, too. My neurologist said give it 6-8 weeks

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