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I am ready to overcome this, are you?

Good Morning Everyone:

Aside from suffering from GAD/Health Anxiety. I am a writer/poet and wanted to share with you all a poem I wrote about my anxiety and for anyone that suffers. I hope you are able to relate and find some hope through my creative outlet!

Fear Incarnate

It lives in all of us waiting to strike

To paralyze our conscious minds

It is a cluster of negativity

Thrown into an anxious pot

Overflowing and boiling hot

On your skin, seeping in

It's that lump in your throat

The struggle in your breath

The fear of losing everything

The impending doom of death

It's waking up in a cold sweat

It's your numb, shaking hands

That feeling of pins and needles

The helplessness you never forget

It's your tense shoulders and neck

It's that feeling of losing all control

When your heart is pounding heavily

Beyond any means of console

It's guilt, it's shame, it's humility

It's stumbling around blindfolded

Screaming "why can't I see?!"

The ease of a worried mind

A tired body, exhausted with distress

Seems so far away, hard to find

But I will make it boldly through this

And you know why I'm so sure?

It's that magic spark of happiness;

A strength that lingers within me

That is too strong to ever ignore

I will overcome you

Learn every trick up your sleeve

I am here to reclaim my happiness, my life...

And it is time for you to leave.

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DHey lyssalatte, HOW AWESOME! Fantastic poem! I used to write a little myself in a journal but haven't in a while. You are talented and even more than that I love the fact that you shared it with us fellow anxiety sufferers. I hope writing gives you relief and strength because reading it has really touched me today. I will keep your poem to read again & again. Best thing I've seen all day.

Thank you for sharing it. I hope you will post more of your work. I look forward to it! :) :)


Thank you!! I am so glad that it touched you, exactly why I posted it, thank you for the support as well :)


Beautifully said. Thanks for sharing. My eyes got a little watery while reading because it's amazing how so many of us feel the same, thanks for sharing - I too am with you, I will overcome this!


<3 we can do this!!


That's such a nice poem! Well done you're amazing at what you do ;) I also like writing and putting it into songs x


Anxiety sufferers are some of the most creative people you'll ever meet, and your poem is testament to that.


nice!your so with you,we all can get over this.we sufferers are the true fighters in life,stay strong.God Bless you all.


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